13 things you do not know about Governor Laboso, the French teacher

  1. Dr. Joyce Laboso came into the limelight after her younger sister Lorna Laboso died in a plane crash. She replaced her as the Sotik MP in a by-election.
  2. She was married to Edwin Abonyo in 1983 and they were blessed with two sons Bryan and Ten Abonyo. Joyce Laboso had to drop (Abonyo) her husband’s name since he is a Luo and would affect her political career. The society (her own community) would profile her based on her life partner and his tribe.
  3.  Governor Laboso was the first born in a family of six — four boys and two girls.“As a first born child, I used to solve problems within the family. I was the voice of reason, an arbiter, whenever my brothers and sisters had a conflict. That was my first test of leadership,” she said in a previous interview.
  4. Her mother Rebecca Laboso passed on in 2013.
  5. She battled cancer for 28 years and had to keep her ailment secret. She knew how judgmental the society is. So she suffered in silence and her family was her rock. 
  6.  She was the head girl at Molo Primary School and later joined Kenya High School where she was a senior prefect.
  7. She studied her undergraduate degree at Kenyatta University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Education in Arts (French, Literature and Education). She later pursued her Masters at University of Reading and doctorate at University of Hull both in the United Kingdom.
  8. Dr Laboso is the mother of sons, Bryan and Ted. Her first born is in Australia, and is openly gay, while the second born is training to be a pilot in South Africa. She adopted the son of her deceased sister who sat for his KCSE at Kabarak High in 2016.
  9.  She was a lecturer at Egerton University before joining politics. She worked as a lecturer teaching French language in the Language and Linguistics department.
  10.  Joyce Laboso joined politics following the death of her sister Lorna Laboso who died in a plane crash in June 10, 2008. She replaced her sister as the Sotik MP in a by-election.She later constructed Lorna Laboso Memorial School, an ultra-modern girl’s school, in memory of her sister.
  11.  Dr Laboso had a love for African music and would dance rhumba for hours. She also loved working out and would spend hours in the gym. She also loved reading and her favourite book was ‘From Third World to First’ by deceased Singapore Lee Kuan Yew.
  12.  On life after politics, she had seen herself spending her time writing books. She was keen on writing an autobiography.
  13.  Governor Laboso spent two months in India and the United Kingdom seeking treatment for an undisclosed condition. She died on Monday at Nairobi Hospital.


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