Simple trick for perfectly folding a fitted sheet is blowing people’s minds

We all love nothing more than getting into bed after putting freshly washed sheets on. 

But in between washes, folding and storing the fitted sheet can be a real nightmare.

Most of the time we just end up scrunching the thing into a ball and shoving it into a cupboard or drawer until next time the bed needs changing.

However, we’ll now be able to put the sheet away properly and it’s all thanks to an Australian woman named Kris.

Most people just screw up their sheet (Image: FB/Adairs – Pacific Fair Shoppin)

Kris, who works at Adairs in the Pacific Fair Shopping Centre in Queensland, was recently the star of a video on the store’s Facebook page. 

In the clip, which has been viewed more than 490,000 times, she shows viewers a quick and easy way to neatly fold a fitted sheet.

And she does it in several easy to follow steps.

Kris starts by telling people watching at home that she’s going to take them “back to basics” before getting into the technique.

But there’s a simple way to fold it up (Image: FB/Adairs – Pacific Fair Shoppin)

Here’s a look at how she does it:

1. The first step sees you put a hand inside two corners of the shorter side of the sheet and place the whole thing down on a flat surface.

2. Then, take your hands out and place your fingers on the outside corners at the other end of the sheet and push them inside out.

3. Next, with your fingers still on the inside of those corners, match the ends up by tucking them inside each other.

4. The fourth step involves gathering the ends of the elastic, corner to corner before picking the sheet up through the middle and shaking it out.

In six steps it folds into a perfect square (Image: FB/Adairs – Pacific Fair Shoppin)

5. After this, place your right hand into the right corner of the sheets and tuck your left hand over the other corner. Lay it down on a flat surface again – by now it should be forming a nice rectangle shape

6. Take one side of the sheet and fold length ways into the middle, repeat with the other side, before folding over the other way two or three times to make a neat square of sheets.

How a Kenyan can work and live in Germany

It’s almost everyone’s dream to live or stay for a while in a foreign country.

You can call me May, that’s what my friends call me, short for Maylene because we are going to get know each other, as I explain to you the simple way of how I got a chance to live in Germany.

I live, work and school in Germany.

I came to Germany from Kenya as an Au-Pair girl which I am going to explain later in the article. You can also come in as volunteer which you do for a year

Before you can buy a ticket to come to Germany, here are a few basic things that you need to know

  1. The language

If you can speak German, you are three steps ahead of coming to Germany compared someone who doesn’t.

So where can you learn the language?

Certain high schools in Kenya offer German as a subject of study. Study it up to Form Four to better your chances. This will earn you a language level called B1 which is pretty good because it’s the intermediate level or the middle level.

If you don’t get the chance to study German in high school there are German private schools or colleges in Nairobi and other towns in Kenya. The best is Goethe Institut located in Nairobi or Mombasa. You have to dig a little deeper in your pocket but they offer quality education. If you learn in any other college, make sure you do the exams at Goethe Institut because it’s the only certificate recognized in the German speaking Embassies.

Language levels are divided into beginner level that is A1 and A2. Intermediate level B1 and B2, and advanced level C1and C2.


Don’t let anyone lie to you that most Germans can’t understand English. Well they can, but they prefer speaking German all the way. And they admire people who are taking the effort to speak their language.

man wearing black waistcoat and white tank tops standing near a mural
Photo by XU CHEN on
  1. The Host family

This is the family you will be working and staying with.

As I had earlier said, I came in as an Au-Pair girl. An Au-pair work is to look after a family’s children. You also get language course paid for you by your host/ employer, they provide a roof over your head, pay for your health insurance and give you pocket money (Germany 260 Euro, Ksh29,000, $292) Switzerland and Austria may vary.

I looked for host family online on my own without paying any agents. Some people pay an agent to connect them with a host family. Be careful as they sometimes swindle many Kenyans looking for host families. This is the website that I used.

In this website, you write your own profile, and upload photos of you playing with kids, they can be your nephew, or a neighbor’s child or any child. The host will be impressed seeing a photo showing your experience of you handling children.

Pro Tip:

  • Write your profile in English if your German is not so good, but German is preferred.
  • Reply your email as fast as possible, nobody likes waiting.
  • You will also need to Skype with the families during the interview and you will have to make a personal decision whether you want to work for them.

The second website I used is:-

Here you send your application with photos via email and then they upload your profile on their website where there are other applications too for host families to choose from. They contact you when they find a suitable family for you.

  1. The Visa

Once you get a family ready to hire you, they will send you a signed contract and an invitation letter which you take with you to the embassy.

You can then book an appointment at the German Embassy in Nairobi, here

The Visa appointment can be one to two months after application

Pro Tip

  • Be on time for your appointment.
  • Have all the filled out forms and professional passport photo taken.
  • Cheap photos won’t cut it. It cost me 200bob for 4 pieces.
  • The visa fee was 60Euros/ KSh6,800, could be more now.
  • After application, Visa processing takes two weeks to three months. It gets sent to you via G4S.
  • Don’t book a plane ticket if you haven’t received your visa yet, visas applications get rejected.
  • If your visa application is rejected, you can try getting an Austrian visa. Once you get to Austria, you can cross borders to Germany because the visa you will get is a SCHENGEN Visa.
  1. The arrival

Plan how you will get from the airport to your host family address, dress for the weather, it can get uncomfortable if it’s too hot or too cold, and get ready for culture shock because it’s real friend.

In case you have any questions, leave it on the comment section or email and I will be more than glad to get back.

P.S: Most people have asked about the Austrian option on the social media platforms. Here is the thing, you can apply to go Austria from the beginning, some people say it is easier that way. The other way is if your German visa is rejected try Austria. And definitely you have to have something you are going to do, they will ask at the Embassy.

7 Best Tips on How to Overcome Labeling

By Judith Wambui

Ever been faced by a mean comment? Well, you just got labeled. But, you can get past it.

Labels, more like the literal way of putting something in a box and naming it. Similarly, with the societies you find yourself in, there is a particular way the community expects you to live. The normal way. Normal is overrated. You couldn’t agree more to this statement. You have to find a way on how to overcome labeling. Because, once you go in contrary to what the society expects, you will get labeled for being you.

Labels can be the same as judging. You will get judged every other day. For things, you even don’t have control over. But, names are not going away any time soon.So you have to find comfortable ways of getting by them. The following tips will help on how to overcome labeling as you keep on keeping on.

Be You

One thing for sure is that we all cannot be the same. Everyone is unique in their different ways. Your definition of a good time or what makes you happy may be different to another person. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Just rip that bandage off and be you.

photo of woman laughing

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Identify the Cause for the Label

You are probably better than them. Beating them at their own game. When you try to follow keenly on why you’ve earned the nerd label at the office. May be because you are good at your job. And that’s why they are constantly hating on you and talking behind your back.

If you are not having any disputes with your boss or lecturer then you are good to go. Other people’s opinions do not matter. Often at times, people tend to be jealous of the people who are giving them a run for their money.

Deter from Falling Into Self-Pity

Labels can make you crawl into a corner and start feeling sorry for yourself. Self-pity is addictive. Because it gives momentarily pleasure and wishing away approach of issues at hand. The world always seems against you, and you feel stuck.

man sitting alone on pavement

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Like your back is always against the way. Instead of dwelling into self-pity, ask yourself, will other peoples’ opinions matter in days or years to come?  No, they won’t matter. So, overcome labeling and give yourself a break because it will only make you feel worse.

Own Your Happiness as a Tip on How to Overcome Labeling

You are responsible for how you feel.  When you get labeled, you can choose how to react to the negative comments. Act on them or ignore them.  You shouldn’t attach validation and attention to what other people say about you.

It will feel right when you get good feelings from other people, but don’t let them get into your head. Apply the same when you get negative feelings, don’t let them get into your head as well.

woman wearing white sleeveless lace shirt

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Build Self Confidence

Self-confidence will help you a great deal in getting by. You can take on the world with more energy and determination which you will apply perfectly even in the event you encounter an incidence of being labeled.

You will be able to develop a positive attitude, outlook and remain at your best even when under stress.  Self-confidence is a great tip on how to overcome labeling because it will mostly help you develop a thick skin against the mean comments.

woman wears beige suit hand shaking man wear suit

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Learn to Let Go

Holding on to mean judgmental remarks will not make you feel any better. It will only hold you back and derail you even more. Decide to let go. It’s a conscious choice. People will always be keeping score and judging before knowing the whole story. But, its liberating and empowering to see that you have an option to let go or hold on to the pain. Letting go is more liberating and more comfortable.

Grow Through the Pain

To avoid always lagging in your every day to day life, learn to grow with the pain. Or instead accept the situation. Judgmental remarks most times comes from things you cannot change about yourself. Such as being tall, very short, too slim, overweight or slacking behind classwork despite your numerous effort. Learn to accept them. It is not going to be easy but sometimes the only way out is through the pain.

Final Thoughts

A day or week will hardly go by without you facing judgmental remarks or labeling incidents. It is an unfair world.You will have to master the art on how to overcome labeling, you have to be a fighter, and the fight is worth the effort.

You have to keep fighting by learning to let go, owning your happiness, deter from falling into self-pity, grow through the pain and be you. Focus on you. You are an excellent fit for yourself, and you will hit the homerun.  You do not need another person’s opinion or validation.

Judith Wambui is our guest writer.

8 Super Saving Tips During the Holidays Season


The Easter holiday is here with us.
Although under-rated, Easter is also a time one gets to spend more after the spending shocks of January. From the random calls from long-lost friends to weekend road trips and camping, spending out of budget is a definite possibility. Have a look at the following saving tips to ensure your holidays go on smooth and fabulous.

1. Make a Budget
One may overlook this aspect. Budgets are seen appropriate when dealing with necessities and needs such as kids’ school fees, shopping, rent and utilities. This shouldn’t be the case. Even for the fun activities, a budget is a necessity since there is money that you will be spending. Set the amount available for spending, make a list of the activities and their respective amount. Therefore, overspending will always be at bay.

black calculator near ballpoint pen on white printed paper

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2. Opt for Cheaper Traditions
Hotels bookings will be full during the holiday season. Some of them ‘overpriced’ due to the artificially created high demand. You will pay dearly for services especially if you didn’t take advantage of the early holiday bookings. The crucial saving tip during the holidays here is to go for less priced options like visiting a children’s home, visits to the park or making the family’s favorite meal together.

3. Go Cash- All The Way as a Saving Tip During the Holidays
Make cash payments. The issue with non-cash payments is that they numb the pain of spending. They are much more painless as compared to using cash. So you will end up spending way much more than you had anticipated. But when you have a set amount, in cash form, it’s easier to track your spending as compared to debit cards, credit cards or even mobile banking.

4. Track Your Spending
You need to know where each of your hard earned dimes goes to. Chances to indulge are higher at around this time of the year. A life-saving tip during the holidays is to have the ‘envelope budget’ system. Whereby, you allocate each holiday’s activities’ amount in a marked envelope.

5. Cut On the Extras
Avoid any items that you can do without. Or rather improvise on the same and still end up with enjoying the holidays as much. Personalizing of gifts instead of getting the expensive ones is the way to go. You can give something homemade. It brings out a personal touch to the gift, thoughtfulness and a straight from heart feeling.

woman wearing maroon velvet plunge neck long sleeved dress while carrying several paper bags photography

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6. Take Advantage of the Discounts
Discounts normally come in plenty at this time of the year. To maximize on this, you can shop in comparison to ‘cash in’ on the lowest discounts that there is in the market.

7. Save Up for Expensive Gifts and Holidays
Setting up a holiday savings account will go a long way in ensuring a smooth holiday. And it will not eat up into your savings. Besides your usual savings account, set up a holiday saving account. To achieve discipline on this one, try a checkoff, from your salary.

holiday vacation hotel luxury

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8. Group Savings
Consider also group savings. Join up with your three or four of your friends and set up a holidays savings account. A combined effort at play here. You will be able to save up more as opposed to individually. It will also be easier to take advantage of holiday discounts offered by the many tours and travel agencies.

Final Word
Go for cheaper old-time options budgeting, make cash as your main mode of payment, take advantage of the discounts and avoid last minutes’ rush. You will be assured of smoother months ahead. Your future self will definitely thank you for the tips as you enjoy a debt-free post-holiday season.

I wish to enjoy my Easter season, do you?

Judith Wambui is our guest writer

The No Bulls**t Guide To Your First Few Months As A Single Mum

I remember the moment I knew it was over.
My ex and I were walking home from lunch with friends and the fight he’d been trying to pick with me all weekend had come to a head halfway down Kennington Road. This time, something in his voice was different.
I stopped the buggy as a panic attack strangled the breath from my lungs. It was The End.
My story is not original.
The first year with a new baby is hard and I had struggled with the fact that this beautiful life I had kept safe in my belly for nine months was now out in the world.
The same world as evil men and guns and SIDS, and the only person I could truly trust to protect my son was me.
Meanwhile, my ex was trying to get promoted while stalling in the transition from lad to dad.
Leaving behind the perceived “freedom” of your old life when you become a parent can be difficult for some, and we took our individual struggles out on each other. We stopped having sex.
We didn’t recognise the person we loved in the hollowed-out zombie we kept waking up next to. And though I believed that we could work through all these things and become the epic power couple we were always meant to be, he did not.
There’s more to it than that, but it’s all just detail and semantics. He left me and our baby and I was suddenly faced with a terrifying future.
To anyone who is in this situation now, know this: no matter how lonely you feel, you are not alone. There is support out there that will help you navigate this horror movie you’ve been cast in. All you need are tools.
Consider me your Lisbeth Salander, providing the life hacks you need to navigate this Brexit-level shitstorm.
The women and services in this list have become powerful weapons in my journey from broken to boss. So, ladies, this is my gift to you.
Everything you need to become the tough, informed, thriving, independent mama you were destined to become. Welcome to the tribe.