US scholar says two-metre distance too short

A US professor has dismissed the two-metre distance rule as not enough to give protection from Covid-19, saying it is based on old science.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology researcher, Prof Lydia Bouroiba, said the two-metre “social distancing” recommendation is too close – and that to avoid the virus, people have to keep much farther – possibly eight metres.

“Although such social distancing strategies are critical in the current time of pandemic, it may seem surprising that the current understanding of the routes of hostto-host transmission in respiratory infectious diseases are predicated on a model of disease transmission developed in the 1930s that, by modern standards, seems overly simplified,” Prof Bouroiba says in her paper published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

She also warns that besides the cough and sneeze droplets, people have to be wary of “turbulent gas cloud” that traps and carries within it the virus.

“The locally moist and warm atmosphere within the turbulent gas cloud allows the contained droplets to evade evaporation for much longer than occurs with isolated droplets. Under these conditions, the lifetime of a droplet could be considerably extended by a factor of up to 1,000, from a fraction of a second to minutes,” says the professor who studies the fluid dynamics of disease transmission.

While her research had previously focused on flu, she says the current six-feet guideline is based on an assumption that viruses are transmitted only through droplets from coughs or sneezes.

The researcher says that there is not enough data on how the virus is spreading. At the moment, transmission is classified into large droplets, which fall closer to the affected person and smaller droplets, which evaporate before settling on a surface and which can be carried farther by the wind. The scholar says a powerful sneeze can send droplets flying more than the recommended two metres and that a gas cloud with the droplets can travel seven to eight metres.

“Moreover, throughout the trajectory, droplets of all sizes settle out or evaporate at rates that depend not only on their size, but also on the degree of turbulence and speed of the gas cloud, coupled with the properties of the environment (temperature, humidity and airflow).”

She says that “droplets that settle along the trajectory can contaminate surfaces, while the rest remain trapped and clustered in the moving cloud.”

“Eventually the cloud and its droplet payload lose momentum and coherence, and the remaining droplets within the cloud evaporate, producing residues or droplet nuclei that may stay suspended in the air for hours, following airflow patterns imposed by ventilation or climate- control systems,” she says.

Whether ventilation systems are also helping spread the virus is not known, but she says that a 2020 report from China “demonstrated that SARS-CoV-2 particles could be found in the ventilation systems in hospital rooms of patients with Covid-19”.

While the WHO is currently recommending that healthcare workers should stay one metre from a person exhibiting coronavirus symptoms, the researcher says that “these distances are based on estimates of range that have not considered the possible presence of a high-momentum cloud carrying the droplets long distances.”

“For these and other reasons, wearing of appropriate personal protection equipment is vitally important for healthcare workers caring for patients who may be infected, even if they are farther than six feet away from a patient,” Prof Bouroiba says.

On whether masks can help filter the virus, she says they can reduce the spread from an infected person and for protection of the wearer.

But White House has dismissed her findings: “I’m sorry, but I was disturbed by that report because that’s misleading,” said Dr Anthony Fauci, a member of the White House task force.

For these and other reasons, wearing of appropriate personal protection equipment is vitally important for healthcare workers.”

By John Kamau, Daily Nation

Death Annoucement of Paul Kinuthia Mastu (Poli) of Allen, Texas

It is with profound sadness and humble acceptance that we announce the untimely death of Paul Kinuthia Mastu (Poli) on Sunday, 23rd February 2020 in Allen, Texas.

Son of the late Mastu Aflatoon and Mary Wangoi and step-son of Mary Wambui. Grandson of the late Pritam Aflatoon Singh. Son-in-law of Mr. Abeeli Katongole and Jane Nagayi of Kampala. Husband of Rosette Nampija.

Father of Ariana Wangoi, Aaliyah Nagai and Mastu Aflatoon. Family of Adija (Kore), Jamilla (JB), the late Kishore, the late Cecilia (Tipsy), Shahin Mastu and Fozia Mastu.

To help offset the huge repatriation and funeral expenses, family, friends and well-wishers are meeting daily at Kenya Motorsport Hall South C from 6pm and his mother’s home in Kiserian, Olteani from 3pm.

A major fundraiser has been scheduled for Saturday, 7th March at Mama Paul’s Home in Kiserian, Olteani from 12pm.

Financial Support can be sent to Safaricom Till No: 5123867 and Account name Paul Kinuthia Mastu. For further info contact 0722748470/ 0720402564.

Burial date to be communicated later

In God’s hands you rest, in our hearts you will live forever.

Rest in Eternal Peace Poli.

BY Daily Nation

Death & Funeral Announcement of Leon Mikwa Ong’ara of St Louis, Missouri, USA

It is with deep sorrow and humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the sudden death of Leon Mikwa Ong’ara on 21st February 2020 in St Louis, Missouri, USA.

Son of Euclid Felix Ong’ara and the Late Tabitha Kabui. Loving brother of Max Ogada Ong’ara.

Step son of Petronila Masila.

Nephew of Chadwick, Apollo, Rose, Oliver, Bildad, the Muchiris, the Kabuis, the Kinuthias and Nduati. Cousin of Swaleh, Zuwena, Mikwa, Adrian, Annette, Wayne, Nicole, Nick, Meshack, Maren, Niels, Braedon, Bella, Leroy, and Nate. Grandson of Jane Muchiri, the late Mr. Meshack Mikwa Ong’ara and Maren Okal.

Family and friends are meeting at his parents’ residence in Imara Daima Estate, Siala Lane, Hse No.21.

Burial arrangements will be announced later.

Contributions may be forwarded to Paybill Number 296665. Account Number-Your Name.

May his soul rest in eternal peace

BY Daily Nation

Death and funeral announcement of Elizabeth Wanjiku Wamai (Tipps) of Texas, USA

It is with humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the death of Elizabeth Wanjiku Wamai (Tipps) of Fortworth Texas on the 12th of February 2020.

Daughter of Mr. George Wamai Mumenya and Mrs. Noel Wanjiru Wamai. Mother of Wamai Boyd Tipps.

Sister of Paul Kogi Wamai, Caleb Gitau Wamai, Ruth Wangu Okaisu and Philip Gikuhi Wamai. Sisterin-law of Lucy Njoki and William Okaisu.Aunt of Wamai, Israel and Shiro.

Family and friends are meeting at her parents home in Riruta Satelite everyday for prayers and burial preparations daily from 3pm.

In God’s arms you rest and in our hearts you live forever Rest in peace. Amen .

BY Daily Nation

Uhuru, Raila to give talk on Handshake in US in February

President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga have been invited to a conference in the US to deliver a talk on the Handshake.

This comes after Raila received a similar invite from Togo last month, to help bring together the government and warring opposition.

Speaking at a BBI public consultative meeting held at Bukhungu Stadium in Kakamega on Saturday, Raila said the March 9, 2018 Handshake has earned respect globally and they have been invited by other countries to share an experience centred on transformation.

“This time round we have been invited together with my brother Uhuru to Washington, for a national prayer breakfast between February 4 and 6,” he said.

The former premier said the world has hailed the Handshake, saying the move was a good example and unique globally.

At the same time, Raila said he and President Uhuru Kenyatta are on a mission to forestall long-lasting peace and unity in the country and not political power.

Raila states that the question of who becomes President in 2022 is not a matter that pre-occupies his mind or that of Uhuru but cohesion and prosperity of the nation.

Speaking on Saturday, when he led top government officials, 15 governors, 10 senators, 60 MPs and a host of MCAs to drum up support for the Building Bridges

Initiative (BBI) taskforce report, Raila said the initiative is not aimed at securing top positions for him and Uhuru as alleged by critics but safeguarding prosperity.

Deputy President William Ruto’s allies have been claiming Raila is using the BBI and the historic March 9, 2018 Handshake to advance his political interests and scuttle Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid.

Raila, who conveyed Uhuru’s goodwill message, said their main goal is a stable Kenya devoid of divisive politics and they “may not necessarily be there” to enjoy the fruits of the initiative when Kenyans get to the mountain top.

Well governed

“Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come. Time for BBI has come. We want a solution for posterity. That’s why we have the BBI,” he said.

“We want to transform Kenya because we have had a new Constitution and it seems not to be working for us,” he added.

The ODM leader said despite having a new constitution for almost a decade, Kenya still has teething problems which are not limited to electoral injustices and violence but they are focused on finding lasting solutions to these and other challenges that slow prosperity.

“Something is amiss in our governance structure. What we are doing is not for to- day or tomorrow, or just 2022 politics. 2022 is an event that will come and go but we want to have a resolution for prosperity,” Raila said.

Quoting Martin Luther King, Raila said: “I have been to the mountain top, seen the glory land, I am not sure whether I will get there together with you but together we will get there.

By Hillary Mageka

Death Announcement for Joseph Shiteyia Shiluli (Joe) of Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

With deep sorrow we regret to announce the sudden demise of Mr. Joseph Shiteyia Shiluli (Joe) of Charlotte, North Carolina, USA on 7th January 2020 in Virginia.

Son of the late Mzee Henry Shiluli, Mama Zipporah Shiluli and Mama Leonora Shiluli of Wangodo village, Shiveye sub-location, Idakho South, Kakamega county. Son-in-law of the late Charles Andega and the late Elima Kanaiza of Liranda. Husband of Alice Atamba Amayi.

Father of Evelyn Alaga, Eugene Andega, Lishenga Amboso and Lusimba Musinya. Brother of Beatrice Shadeya, the late Margaret Ajega, the late Allan Shiluli, the late Millicent Shiluli, Mabel Asumba, Aggrey Mulindi, Mellab Shiluli, Bernard, Phylis, Morris and Carolyne Coenen. Stepbrother of Fred, Emily, Lilian, Vincent, Edwin, Imelda, Christine, Everlyne, Albert and Patson.

Brother-in-law of Herman Shadeya, Jackson Ajega, Jane Mulindi, Jane Samuel, Catherine Amboso and Derrick Coenen. Uncle of Nadia, Sydney, Maureen, Keith, Shirlyne, Jackie, Sandra, Collins, Cathy, Ian, Oliver, Melvin, Edwin, Gerald, Sally, Annete, Lorraine, Lishenga, Brian, Selvin, Marina and many more. Nephew of Hezron Amwoga, Richard, Joram Jones and Leah. Cousin to Murengu’s, Amboso’s Mbaiza’s and many more.

The body arrives at JKIA on Tuesday 21st January 2020. Funeral service will be held on Wednesday 22nd January at Friends International Center Ngong Road at 2PM.

The cortege will leave Lee Funeral Home for Kisumu Airport on Thursday 23rd January. Burial will take place on Saturday 25th January at his Parents’ home in Wangodo Village, Shiveye Sub Location, Idakho South.

Main Harambee will be held at Holy Family Basilica on Tuesday, 21st at 5PM.

You may also channel your contributions to pay bill no. 836855 (listing your name as account name.)

From Daily Nation

Death Announcement of James Wycliffe Ototo Ondara at Minesota USA

It is with acceptance of Gods’ will that We announce the death of Mwalimu James Wycliffe Ototo Ondara of Mogumo Village, Magenche Sub-location, Machoge Borabu on 5th December 2019 at Minesota USA.

Son of Johnson Ondara Mogire and Jemimah Sarange.

Husband of Josephine Moraa (Formarly Barclays Bank Kisii).

Father of George, Collins, Caren, Sarah, Emmah and Clare. brother of Teresa, Dinah, Late Nicodemus, Late Zablon, Grace, Late Joel, Julius, Late Jane and Esther.Brother inlaw of Ong’era, Ngare, Matwere, Hellen, (All Late)Nicodemus Ombata , Mosinya, Ebisiba, Lucy, Nyagetari among others.Grand Father of Beverlyne, Stephanie, Enock, Enrique, Erica, Elsie, Emmanuel, Elaine, Lisa, Angela, Anita, Leila, Kayla, Jayden, Ella, Eden and Keana.Great Grand Father of Kattleya. Uncle of Steve&Edith Ombasa, Albert, Rhoda, Ben Nyakora, Hildah, George Sagwe, Victor Kenyanya, Gloria, Faith, Joel among others. Father inlaw of Jeff Ochara. Korera of Joseph Ratemo and John Oguta.

The cortege leaves Umash Funeral Home on 9th Jan 2020 for his Home Daraja Mbili-Mwamogesa for overnight vigil. Burial will be on 10th Friday January 2020.

The Lord gave and The lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.

Courtesy: Daily Nation

US buys less coffee from Kenya

The US has fallen back to position three in purchasing of Kenya’s specialty coffee after peaking in the 2017/2018 season.

Latest data from Coffee Directorate indicate America trailed Germany and Belgium in purchases after leading in the last season in both quantities and price offered.

According to the directorate, the US bought 6.6 million kilogrammes of the beverage worth Sh3 billion, a decline from Sh7 billion realised in 2017/2018.

Interim head Isabella Ngoge says this could be attributed to competition from other growing countries as well as low global prices.

“We witnessed a scenario last year where both the volumes and value of the coffee sold to the US went down and this is mainly because of competition from other countries that are producing specialty coffee,” said Ms Ngoge.

Belgium reclaimed its top position in the review period purchasing coffee worth Sh4.1 billion, followed by Germany at Sh3.8 billion.

From dream job in the US to living nightmare

What’s in a name? Everything. That’s what Boddie Kimeria, who’s had to live with a tainted name and reputation, has come to painfully learn.

He just wanted to do a job he loved, and he thought he had landed the dream career, but this is where the nightmare began and is now in its third year.

The 38-year-old security expert and US Marine veteran spent 13 years in the United States having served in the US military for eight years – four years in active duty and four years as a US Marine reserve officer.

Afterwards, he would serve in different capacities in multiple organisations in the United States before coming back to his homeland, Kenya, in 2014. 

At first, he decided to work in his father’s business. Then he opted to follow his dream of working in the security sector.

“I wanted to go back to my passion, which is security. I realised the security in our country is very subpar and inefficient. Remember, this was in the aftermath of tragic security disasters like Westgate, Mpeketoni and Garissa University terrorist attacks.”

US Marine officer Boddie Kimeria (right) with a colleague. PHOTO | COURTESY

So he started the job hunting mission, which came to an end when he was referred by a friend to an upcoming airline company that was starting operations in the country.

With his impressive credentials, he was finally able to secure a job interview. “I was interviewed for the position in November 2016 and slated to start the job in January 2017 as head of the security department in that aviation company.”

The firm had not started operations and was still recruiting staff, who included pilots and cabin crew.

As head of security, he was tasked with the responsibility of conducting background checks on prospective employees as well as creating a manual for security and safety strategies.

Due to the nature of his job, he was included in the recruitment panel. 

He was supposed to do background checks that included looking for criminal records for the prospective employees besides checking on certificates of good conduct for the prospective workers.

“There were roughly 30 people selected for interviews. They included 20 crew staff and around 10 pilots.”

On the other hand, he says, the prospective employees were required to go through work training. 

They needed to pay a certain amount of money to train under the airline. 

The company would, in turn, make arrangements for them to join the training programme, which the organisation was conducting in conjunction with a training institution. Supposedly.

“So some of the selected interviewees deposited a certain amount of money that I was unaware of in the bank account owned by directors of this particular company.”

US Marine officers Boddie Kimeria (right) and a colleague. PHOTO | COURTESY

But as days went by, things began to look bleak as this planned training never materialised; while on the other hand, the employees, like Boddie, who were already on the job, didn’t get their salaries.

“Being head of security, I was the point of contact for the prospective employees, where they would ask me questions and I would take them to the directors. 

“However, it reached a point where even I couldn’t get the answers, and furthermore, I too hadn’t been paid my January salary.”

As time went by, the prospective employees became impatient and so he offered to help by arranging a meeting with their representatives as it now seemed like the job offer was a scam.

“The meeting was scheduled for February 22, 2017 at a place in Nairobi West. The purpose of the meeting was to come up with a plan of action to take against the directors of the company.”

Little did he know it was a setup. “I think the aggrieved parties had agreed to set up anyone in the management team and have them arrested so as to get them to the directors who were the actual culprits… Since I was the point of contact between the employees and the directors, I was the easy target.” 

He had been with the organisation for barely one month.

The next day after his arrest, an application was submitted at the court for him to be held pending investigations and come up with a strategy to go to the police to have the necessary parties arrested.

He was held for four days during which he helped the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) catch the directors of the company, which meant that he became a free man.

He even had a clearance in form of a court order from the Milimani [Magistrates] Law Courts, giving instructions for the DCI to release him after lack of any evidence to charge him. 

But he was not completely off the hook. The media captured the events while the directors were being arraigned in court, but also went ahead and mentioned Boddie’s connection with them. 

Boddie Kimeria, a US Marine veteran, during an interview with the Daily Nation in Nairobi on December 14, 2019, says his name is tainted after he was accused of orchestrating a scam. PHOTO | FRANCIS NDERITU | NATION MEDIA GROUP

The issue was that the DCI had requested for him to be held for a few days. 

Unfortunately, some of the media reports also wrongfully identified him as the CEO while he was just an employee. 

He was not a director and did not have access to the said back accounts.

He was acquitted to be a witness, but never got to testify since the DCI had enough evidence to charge the directors of the company.

“There were other employees holding management positions within the company, but I was the only one mentioned in the media despite the fact that I neither had access to any money nor any of the bank accounts that the payments were made to.”

For this reason, Boddie’s name has remained tainted. He continues to suffer because of his links to the firm.

His attempts to seek employment have hit a dead end, as it has proven impossible to convince potential employers about his innocence.

“My name is in media articles and I guess whenever I’m searched online, that is what pops up.”

He has had several job interviews dismissed with prospective employers terming his links with the firm as the reason. 

“I’ve had organisations which were kind enough to call and tell me to clear my name first. I even remember I secured an interview for the position of a security analyst with a certain embassy in Nairobi, but three months later they wrote me a letter and said despite having qualified, they couldn’t give me that job as they had their own reservations.”

Some companies didn’t even bother to respond. 

It’s difficult earning a living even through business. Immediately someone does background checks and sees his name linked to this company, they back off. 

“There was even a time I had issues trying to open a bank account.” Boddie has been married for a year. 

He depends on short-terms gigs to support his family, but these have not been consistent so he does not have a constant source of income. 

He hopes that his name and reputation will be restored one day to allow him to live a normal life.

By Paulien Oganji

Kenyans in the diaspora who brought us pride, shame

Several Kenyans living in the diaspora recorded great achievements, especially in sports and politics in 2019. In early September, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee appointed a Kenyan to serve in his government as the new commissioner of Commerce and Insurance.Hodgen Mainda, 42, who first moved to the US in 2008 as a rugby player became the first Kenyan to hold such a position in the State of Tennessee, after working in government relations and business development roles in Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga.“Mainda joins my cabinet after an outstanding career as a community leader in Chattanooga,” Governor Lee said in the announcement.“He is respected for his ability to build partnerships across multiple sectors and we welcome his leadership to such a multifaceted department like commerce and insurance.”Mainda was born and raised in Nairobi and attended St Mary’s School Nairobi and St. Mary’s Mosocho, before joining Mang’u High School.Mainda is also a member of the Leadership Tennessee Class of 2019 and a 2018 graduate of the Harvard Business School Young American Leaders Program.

In 2014, he was co-recipient of Young Professional Association of Chattanooga’s Young Professional of the Year Award and was recognised by Chatter Magazine as one of the 20 under 40 individuals who are making a mark in the Chattanooga community.In January, Lucy Ndonga was named the Administrator of the Year in Dekalb County, Georgia, US.“I thank God for being the Administrator of the year 2018 in DeKalb County School District in Georgia, the 3rd largest School District in the USA.

Our motto according to our Superintendent Dr Green is to Inspire, Achieve and Excel in every school regardless of social-economic, colour of their skin and diversity of their languages,” said Mrs Ndonga after the award.On the other hand, some Kenyans were involved in crime abroad and brought disrepute to the nation.

Anthony Nyakeo, 53, in August was sentenced to life imprisonment by a US court for sexually assaulting a 74-year-old patient at a medical facility where he was working as a nurse.

He was employed at the Woodridge Health and Rehabilitation Centre, a nursing facility for elderly and disabled people, where the woman was admitted.Nyakeo was convicted of two counts of aggravated sexual assault of an elderly or disabled person in January 2018.A Texas court handed him a life sentence on each account.

Evidence filed in court showed that the sexual assault was discovered after other nurses working at the facility found blood in the underwear of the victim.

In September, Kenyan Erick Wanjiku was charged with domestic assault, battery, rape and kidnapping his ex-girlfriend in Oklahoma, US.According to news reports in Oklahoma, Wanjiku invited the woman to his apartment and forced her into sex.

When she refused he allegedly beat her.The woman told police that she tried to escape but Wanjiku strangled and raped her.

In May, Billy Chemirmir, a suspected Kenyan serial killer living in the US, was charged with the murder of 12 elderly women in the state of Texas.Chemirmir, a former health worker, was arrested in 2018 in connection with the murder of one woman.

The 46-year-old now faces the death sentence if found guilty. Texas is one of the few US states that still have the death penalty.He is being held in the Dallas County Jail with bail set at $11.6 million (Sh1.2 billion) and date of trail has not been set.2019 is also the year at least four Kenyans died in the diaspora.

On May 30, police found 34-year-old Jelagat Cheruiyot dead at her apartment in Osbourne Park, Australia, days after her family reported her missing.Also known as Nancy, she was found dead when police went to conduct a welfare check.

It was reported that due to the nature of her injuries, police declared it a homicide and opened an investigation.Jelagat hailed from Cheptiret in Uasin Gishu County.Also, Moses Maima, 50, is reported to have committed suicide in Chicago, US, in March.

He was cremated while the family waited for the body to be brought home for burial.Again in February, 32-year-old Kenyan musician Mercy Muthui was found dead in a ditch near her home in the Netherlands.

Police detained but later released her husband Daniel Erhardt who had reported her missing moments before her death.

Kenyan woman Janet Oyuga murdered in Seattle Washington

It is with humble and sorrowful acceptance that we announce the untimely death through murder of our dearest friend Janet “Jay” Oyuga.

Janet and her sister Angela were attacked at their home that they had recently bought on auction. In their kindness they had continued hosting the previous homeowner (the suspect) who had no where to move out of respect for her old age.

The assailant murdered Janet at the home and hid in wait for the sister Angela to get home from her late shift.  Angela, unaware of what had transpired, was shot on the back as she was walking up the stairs. Janet was pronounced dead by law enforcement at the scene.

Fortunately, we did not lose Angela and she is recuperating at Harborview Hospital in Seattle.
We humbly request your prayers and financial contribution as we raise funds to send Janet’s body back to her family in Kenya and meet other funeral costs.

In addition, with the nature of Angela’s injuries, we would like to get Angela’s sister to come over and help take care of her as she will not be able to work for a while. This is a very complex case and needs legal counsel to ensure justice for our sisters in this heinous crime.
If you can help financially, please send your donation via CashApp at :
Pauline Tabu 206 929 9803 $olewe
Pastor Festus Gumbo $FestusGumbo 425 443 9187

By Diaspora Messenger

Death & funeral Annoucment of Roselyn Baby Otory Makongoso of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, USA

We regret to announce the sad demise of Roselyn Baby Otory Makongoso. Wife of Dr. Meshack Makongoso, which occurred on 4th November 2019, in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, USA.

Daughter of the late Mzee Johnson Meshack Otory Ouko and the late Mama Terry Athieno Otory.

Daughter-in-law of the late Mzee Simeon Ongoso Siseri and the late Mama Elizabeth Yatta Ongoso and Margret Ongoso. Mother of Linet Makongoso (Hemingways, Nairobi), Justin Ongoso, Britney and Stacy Makongoso, among others.

Sister of Calvin Otory, Jessica Odira, Jennipher Otory, Rosemary Meyo, Florence Otory and the late Sam Otory. Sister-in-law of Prof. Meshack

Odira, Symon Meyo, Grace Otory, the late Salome Ajwang, Siprosa Bugo, Samuel Ongoso, Josaphat Makongoso, Rusanael Ngome, Elsa Ojalla, Joshua Ongoso, the late Philip Rawinji, Hulda Adoyo, Penina Aoko, the late David Ongoso.

Cousin of Charles Ngongo, Jabez Othoo, William Okoth, Calvin Okoth, Clifford Rachuonyo, Japheth Rachuonyo, Pamela Otila, Joshua and Joy Ochuka, among others. Aunt of Nixon Bugo, Joseph Othoo, Jared Samuel, Evans Ngome, Dibogo Ojalla, Allan Okoth, Evans Okoth, Wendy, Ouko and Wilson Otory, Paul & Mindy Odira, Deedee, Sara & Sam Meyo, Leroy & Phyll Muia, among others.

The funeral service will be on Wednesday, 11th December, at Nairobi Central SDA Church, at 12noon. The burial will be on Friday 13th December, at Kiabuya Village, Gwassi, Suba South, Homabay County.

Romans 8:36-37 ~ …Nay in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.

A woman of substance: Shujaa wa Yesu!

Death & funeral Announcement of Matthew (PAPA) Gichohi in South Bend Indiana USA

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the death of Matthew {PAPA) Gichohi born on 5th June 1995, he passed away on the 22 November 2019 in South Bend Indiana USA.

Beloved Son of Hellen Wagari Gichohi. Grandson of Elizabeth Wagechi Matteo of Kariko Village, Othaya, Little Sister Anna, Gacambi and Caroline Wambutu Nephew of Matthew Gichohi, Anastasia Wachera ( Annie), Isaac Kiragu & Susan Kiragu. Cousin of Matthew Gichohi (Gathiaka), Carol Gichohi, Elizabeth Kiragu, Jackline Kiragu, Mathew Kiragu, Anastasia Kiragu. Nephew of Anastasia Wachera (Annie) Wachera Nicholas (Sengo), Mary Ann Wariithi, Lucy Kiai, Matthew Gichohi (Kimuchu), Hellen Gacao, Thairu Wambutu & Matthew Mugo among others.

There will be a Funeral meeting & Fundraiser to bring his body back from the USA on Sunday 1st December 2019 at 1pm at The Sandton Hotel, Taveta Road.

“The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you. And give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26

Death and Funeral Announcement of Joel Murithi Mugambi through a tragic road accident in USA

It’s with thanksgiving and humble acceptance of God’s will, we announce the passing on of Joel Murithi Mugambi of Mweru Sub- location, Igoji Division, Meru County, which happened on Saturday 16/11/2019 through a Tragic road accident in USA.

Son of the late Mugambi K. Muthuuri (kamwana), former Lecturer Kenya Polytechnic and headmaster Mutindwa High School and Mrs. Medrine Mugambi, former headmistress Machegene Primary School, now in USA.

Brother of the late Kawira, the late Gituma, Joan Bundi (HF Group), Jennifer Mbindyo (Safaricom) and Chris Mutai (Suntory Beverage & Food KE).

A loving father of Ivy Mwende. Dear uncle of Sharleen Kendi, Austine Gitonga, Gabriel Mwema, Val Pendo and Eve Mwende, among many others. Brother-in-law of Hudson Bundi and Chris Mwema and dear cousin and nephew of many.

Meetings are ongoing and Burial date will be on 13/12/2019 at their home in Mweru.

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

US-based Kenyan singer nominated for Grammy Awards

United States-based Kenyan singer J.S Ondara has been nominated for the 62nd scheduled for January 26, 2020.

Ondara’s debut album Tales of America which was released in February 2019, was nominated under the best Americana Album category.

The album has 11 songs based on the life of an immigrant in America.

The singer was born and raised in Nairobi. He got into the music of artistes as a teenager and enjoyed singing, but his family could not afford instruments.

Ondara moved to the US as a student at the age of 20 after winning a green card lottery.

He settled in his idol Bob Dylan’s home state of Minnesota and taught himself to play as he pursued a career in music.

He was featured on Billboards Emerging Artist in March 2019 and landed on the Billboard Heatseekers Album, Americana/Folk Album Sales, and Rock Album Sales charts.

By AMina Wako