US-based Kenyan singer nominated for Grammy Awards

United States-based Kenyan singer J.S Ondara has been nominated for the 62nd scheduled for January 26, 2020.

Ondara’s debut album Tales of America which was released in February 2019, was nominated under the best Americana Album category.

The album has 11 songs based on the life of an immigrant in America.

The singer was born and raised in Nairobi. He got into the music of artistes as a teenager and enjoyed singing, but his family could not afford instruments.

Ondara moved to the US as a student at the age of 20 after winning a green card lottery.

He settled in his idol Bob Dylan’s home state of Minnesota and taught himself to play as he pursued a career in music.

He was featured on Billboards Emerging Artist in March 2019 and landed on the Billboard Heatseekers Album, Americana/Folk Album Sales, and Rock Album Sales charts.

By AMina Wako

Hope for Kenyans living in US illegally

Some Kenyans who entered the US illegally as minors may be able to obtain legal status in the country even if they have been arrested, a recent report indicates.

A total of 182 Kenyans potentially fall into this category, according to the report by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) agency.

These Kenyans with arrest records had applied for protection from deportation from the US under an Obama-era programme known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

The Kenyans had been arrested in the US at some point in the past seven years — not at the time of their application for inclusion in DACA, as had been incorrectly reported in some recent press accounts in Kenya.

The 182 Kenyans with arrest histories are among nearly 890,000 individuals who have sought legal status in the US through the DACA programme. It is intended to cover persons who entered the US without immigration documents when they were under 18 years of age.

Of that total number of DACA applicants, close to 80,000 with arrest records were approved for the programme, the report states. About 30,000 DACA applicants with arrest records had their requests denied.
The data in the USCIS report “reflects only arrests and apprehensions and does not include final court dispositions,” noted Katie Tichacek, an agency spokeswoman. “DACA requestors may have been convicted, had their charges reduced or dismissed, or been acquitted of charges. Those convicted of a felony are not eligible for DACA.” Ms Tichacek added that her agency does not have a breakdown of the number of Kenyans with US arrest records who were either accepted or rejected for DACA.

A demography expert at a US think tank estimated in 2013 that about 30,000 Kenyans are in the US illegally out of a total of some 90,000 residents. It is not known how many of the roughly 30,000 unauthorised Kenyans had come to the US as minors and might thus qualify for DACA.

USCIS also lacks data on the types of offences with which the 182 Kenyans were charged in the US, Ms Tichacek said. The agency’s report does list the total numbers of DACA applicants who have been charged with a variety of offences in the US.

The most common arrests (about 35,000) were driving-related and exclusive of drunken or drugged driving. About 23,000 of the 110,000 DACA applicants with arrest records had been charged with immigration-related offences, USCIS data shows.

Other leading arrest categories included theft, assault, vandalism and fraud. Supporters of the DACA programme point out that the share of applicants with arrest records is smaller than the 30 percent of all US adults who have been charged with offences sometime in their lives.

North Americans, mainly Mexicans, comprise by far the largest set of DACA applicants with arrest records. Nearly 108,000 persons of North American origin are included in this category.

The duration and future dimensions of the DACA programme are uncertain due to pending court cases and political controversies centred on immigration issues.

The US Supreme Court is currently considering whether DACA is consistent with the provisions of the US Constitution.

That review at the highest level of the US judicial system results from lower-court decisions in support of the programme that were subsequently appealed by the Trump administration.

President Donald Trump said in 2017 that he wanted the programme to be phased out — a move that could expose many of the 890,000 DACA applicants to the threat of deportation from the US.

But he took a modified stance in response to the USCIS report released on November 16. Commenting on the arrest data on November 19, the president tweeted: “Many of the people in DACA, no longer very young, are far from ‘angels’. 

Some are very tough, hardened criminals.” But Mr Trump signaled his willingness to preserve the programme in some form even if the Supreme Court rules DACA unconstitutional.

“If Supreme Court remedies with overturn, a deal will be made with Dems for them to stay!” Mr Trump added in reference to Democratic Party lawmakers in his November 19 tweet.


Death and Funeral Announcement of Francis Kiberu Gachaga (Gogo) in USA

It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of Consolata Wangeci Gachaga on 19th November 2019 in Kenya and Francis Kiberu Gachaga (Gogo) on 14th November 2019 in the USA.

Daughter of the late Harrison Kiberu and the late Florence Nyambura. Wife of the late John Gachaga. Mother of Millicent, the Late Patrick (Banda), Rose, Faith, Njoki, and the Late Francis (Gogo). Sister of the Late Kiragu, the late Njoki Nyandia, the late Kimani, the late Njuguna and Waithera. She had six grandchildren and one great granddaughter.

Friends and relatives are meeting in Jerusalem Estate, Nairobi and at her home in Sagana. The cortege will leave Kibugi Funeral Home Kutus for Mass in Consolata Catholic Church, Sagana on Tuesday 26th November 2019 followed by burial.

Burial for the late Francis Kiberu Gachaga will take place on Saturday 23rd November 2019 at Hickory Grove Cemetery, 428 Port Penn Road, Middleton, Delaware.

We have fought the good fight, we have finished the race, we have kept the faith.

2 Timothy 4:7

Courtesy of Daily Nation

Deported from US and a drug addict, life is tough for son of former minister and MP

They say looks may be deceiving, well Peter Oloo Aringo may look like that ordinary man with limited means.

When The Standard team got to his home, he’ was going about with his activities. Aringo is the first born son of former Alego Member of Parliament and minister for education Peter Oloo Aringo and a Jamaican mother.

He attended the prestigious Consolata Primary School in Nairobi and St. Marys Yala where he had begun drinking and later proceeded to the United States where he pursued a business administration course at Lona College.

While in the US, Aringo opines life was good, on the first lane. His drinking habits right back from high school in Kenya however grew not only as a consumer but now as a peddler which endeared him to his peers but little did he know he was on the radar of the New York Federal government authorities.

“I became a dealer. I decided if I want to make more and use more, I needed to get into the business. And that’s where my downward spiral began,” Aringo narrated to this reporter.Being an alien and on the left side of the law, he was a marked man.

Authorities finally pounced on him. He was arraigned and sentenced to 30 years in jail but he was too lucky to be given an option of deportation which he opted for.As it is the norm, a deportee, he came back home empty-handed without even his travel documents, his wife and three children. “I had no money. I had nothing,” he added.

Back home his appetite for alcohol and drugs only increased but he could only access and afforded cheap liquor which eventually caused him throat cancer.

His wife Catherine Boyane, also a reformed drug addict with whom they got married in May this year narrated how it all began.“The day we started noticing a swelling on his neck, we thought it was a sore throat. We never thought it would be cancer,” she said.

Throughout the interview, Aringo kept sipping tea or water as there is totally no saliva in his mouth.

The man who grew up in opulence has only a wall clock with his father’s name permanently inscribed on it triggering nostalgic memories.The couple is now quietly living at the heart of a posh estate in Nakuru but in a shanty sandwiched between high-end houses.

BY The Standard

Wako to Americans: The mention of my son and wife was in bad taste

Busia Senator Amos Wako now wants the United States to make public full particulars of the corruption allegations that have led to his being barred from traveling to the country.

Speaking to journalists on Wednesday, Wako blamed the Trump Administration for announcing the travel ban without giving him a platform to be heard.

“I was baffled when out of the blue, without any notification whatsoever or without being given the fundamental right of being heard on any allegation against me… I’m therefore entitled to ask where has the utter commitment to the protection of human rights, rule of law and constitutionalism gone in the United States of America?” he wondered.

The ban was announced on Monday by US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said Mr Wako had been “publicly designated due to his involvement in significant corruption”.The ban did not disclose specifics on the matter.

“I am against corruption. The people of Kenya are entitled to full disclosure of any corruption allegations against me… I’m a man of integrity both when I was an Attorney General and now as a senator,” Wako said.

This is not the first time Wako is being banned from the US. In 2009 he was blacklisted after Washington accused him of being a stumbling block to political reforms. A ban which he says is still in force.

“This is an old story being resuscitated.”

“The reasons given 10 years ago for revocation of my visa were that I had engaged in corrupt actions which adversely affected the national interest of the United states of America,” he added.

The Busia Senator defended himself saying he has not been named in the recent corruption cases but instead he was just a witness in Anglo Leasing cases.

“My attorney in Washington DC in 0ctober 2012 applied to receive copies of all documents leading to the revocation of my visa and the only allegations against me was lack of prosecution of corruption cases — allegations which I had responded to and challenged them to give me one case that I refused to prosecute but they were unable,” he explained.

Wako took a swipe at the US Government and accused it of inefficiency arguing that it took six months before he received a reply on the revocation of his visa in 2009.

“And the response was: We are unable to provide information on your request,” said Wako adding “and now they repeat the same thing”.

He has also accused the US Government of dragging his family through mud yet they were not involved when he was discharging his duties as the Attorney-General of Kenya.

“My son is an adult and independent. Even if I committed the sin of corruption, which I emphatically deny, all members of my family should not be punished for my sins… the mention of my son and wife was in bad taste,” he said.

Wako was an Attorney General for 20 years from 1991 to 2011 during former presidents Daniel Moi and Mwai Kibaki’s tenures.

BY Mercy Asamba

Diaspora Shattered Dreams: Death stalks Kenyan learners abroad

Kenyan students going abroad for studies have been dying through suicide or under mysterious circumstances, which has left communities of Kenyans living in the US brainstorming on the need to hold the hands of learners who find themselves in the deep end outside their country.
Last week, the medical examiner’s office in Santa Clara, in the US stateof California, confirmed that a top achiever in the 2013 national examinations lost her life through suicide.
Norah Borus Chelagat, the fourth best student nationally in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination and the best girl in Nairobi, was found dead in her room at Stanford University on June 14.
She was at that time a master’s student at the university that she had joined in September 2014.
The Santa Clara medical examiner’s office told The Stanford Daily on Monday that the suicide was probably caused by poisoning.
Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 2.42.54 PM
The Stanford Daily said Norah’s was the fourth student death announced at the facility since February.
Then there is John Omari Hassan, a 26-year-old who in July drowned mysteriously in a pond in Baltimore, Maryland. That was four months after leaving Kenya for postgraduate studies in the US.
Baltimore County fire officials said people playing on a nearby basketball court heard someone yelling from the pond and ran over to help.
What shocked authorities was how the deceased ended up in the water as there were signs nearby warning against swimming in the pond. Hassan, who hailed from Nakuru, graduated from Kenyatta University in October 2016.
In August 2018, a Kenyan family had to seek help from well-wishers to bring back the remains of their kin who was found dead in her room in the US.
Patricia Miswa left Kenya in 2017 to pursue a master’s degree in Creative Writing at the University of Minnesota.


Patricia Miswa

Her mother tried calling her but there was no response. She later called the hostel management who together with the police discovered Miswa’s lifeless body inside her room.
Before leaving for studies in the US, Miswa founded AfroElle magazine, which focused on uncelebrated women achievers.
Recently, students with Kenyan roots in the US have also lost lives in unclear circumstances.
One of them is Eric Kang’ethe, a Computer Engineering student at the University of Massachusetts who died in mysterious circumstances early this month.
Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 11.15.06 AM
Kang’ethe’s body was found by police in a vehicle outside McGuirk Alumni Stadium on the evening of October 30. His death was described as “non-criminal in nature” by Mary Carey, communications director for the office of Northwestern District Attorney, which implied that the young man might have taken his life.
Massachusetts State Police said investigations surrounding his death are ongoing. According to local media, Kang’ethe was born in Nairobi and migrated with his family to the US.
There is also Gift Kamau, a 20-year-old student whose body was found floating in the Mississippi River on May 18.

Gift Kamau

Before the discovery, Kamau had been reported as missing by her parents.
Police at the time believed she had committed suicide after a note was found.
The deaths involving young Kenyans in the US have perturbed Dr DK Gitau, a Kenyan-born resident of Atlanta, Georgia. For almost a year now, Dr Gitau has been chronicling deaths involving Kenyans.
Under the theme ‘Diaspora Shattered Dreams’, Dr Gitau, a former architectural engineer-turnedcommunity social philanthropist, not only announces the deaths but also helps in mobilising resources for funeral purposes using his vast networks in the US.
Dr Gitau called on the Kenyan community to find ways of preventing the rising cases of stress-related deaths among Kenyans living overseas.
“As a community that is increasing in numbers in America, we can’t normalise nor become numb to these escalating pre-mature deaths among our people.
The starting point is, of course, to openly talk about factors that are causing stress among our people.
Burying our heads in the sand and pretending that all is well won’t do it,” he told the Sunday Nation.
According to Dr Sam Oginde, a psychology professor at Neumann University in Chester, Pennsylvania, it will be easy to find a solution.
“Right now, three out of five reported deaths among Kenyans in the US are either out of domestic violence or are from stress-related suicides. The irony is, something can be done about this if only the community is ready and willing to open up and candidly discuss what is causing this,” he said.
‘Mental warfare’
“Our community is not unique. Other immigrant communities have gone through this and were able to deal with the issue because they were willing to seek solutions.”
In the psychologist’s opinion, young adults have become casualties of “mental warfare”.
“We are seeing a lot of this, especially among young college and career adults who have a family also living here in the US. Suicides and premature deaths are most rampant between the ages of 19 to 36,” he says.
In 2017, a documentary about Kenyans in the US shed light on some untold challenges Kenyans face as immigrants while living there.
Written and produced by Kaba Mbugua, the film showed many Kenyans, just like other immigrants, struggle to make ends meet.
Challenges have at times led some, especially the youth, to fall into bad company, ending up in jail, in shelters for the homeless, being deported or even losing their lives.
by Hilary Kimuyu, Chris Wamalwa and Elvis Ondieki.

Death and Funeral Announcement for Sylvia Gathoni Kiarie, Georgia, USA

It’s with deep sorrow and humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the promotion to glory of Sylvia Gathoni Kiarie which happened on 1/112019 in Marietta, Georgia, USA after a sudden illness.
Beloved daughter of Peter Munio of U.N. Uganda and Rosemary Kiarie of Marietta, Georgia USA. Darling sister of Pauline Kiarie and Sheila Kiarie. Grandchild of Pauline Wanjiku and Mr. & Mrs. Henry Kibichu Ndothua of Kiamworia, Gatundu South. Niece of Robert, Sam, Patrick, Judy, Mary Nganga, Wambui Miru, Ndothua, Salome Ngari, among others. Beloved cousin and friend to many.
Burial arrangement meetings and prayers are going on daily in their home in Kiamworia from 3:00 p.m and at Wells (Githima) Ruiru at 6 p.m.
Funeral date will be announced later.
“Then I heard a voice from heaven say, “Write this: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.” “Yes,” says the Spirit, “they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them.” Rev. 14:13

Death and funeral Announcement for Erick Mburu Kang’ethe of University of Massachusetts, Amherst Campus, USA.

It is with humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the passing on of Erick Mburu Kang’ethe of University of Massachusetts, Amherst Campus, USA.
Son of Rosebell Wambui Kinyanjui. Grandson to the late Fredrick Kinyanjui and Elder Grace Njoki Kinyanjui (PCEA SGM). Kinoo. Nephew of Charles Kamau, Antony Kinyanjui (Ras Antoh) of Worcester, Massachusetts, USA, Kinjo Mama Kim (UK) and Edith Wambui .
Prayer meetings are being held daily at 173 Holden St. Worcester, Massachusetts, USA from 6.00pm to 8.00pm and at his ancestral home in Kinoo Kariango, Kiambu County, every evening, from 5.00pm to 7.00pm and on Sunday 10th November at 3.00pm. Burial date will be announced later.
In our heart you shall forever dwell. Amen!

Kenya dangles ‘Green Card’ to wealthy foreigners

Kenya is considering giving citizenship to wealthy investors in a new push to enhance direct foreign investment (FDI) flows.
Big-ticket investors, whose enterprises prove to have a high impact on new jobs and export earnings, will not be required to continuously live in Kenya for at least seven years to apply to become citizens.
Kenya Investment Authority (KenInvest) said yesterday the plan is to gift such investors with a permanent residence status after vetting, an equivalent of the Green Card in the US.
Immigration laws presently require a foreigner to continuously live in the country for at least seven years to qualify for citizenship by registration.
Moses Ikiara, KenInvest managing director, said the agency has held positive discussions with Interior Secretary Fred Matiang’i with a view to developing a framework to ensure the vetting is watertight and free from abuse.
Create impact
“If somebody has created an impact and you can see the jobs created,why do we extend an incentive to them and say we invite you to be our citizen in three, two years,” Dr Ikiara said. “Giving incentives to those people with a lot of money could be among the non-monetary incentives.”
The proposal is part of targeted interventions the country intends to implement under its first ever investment policy, unveiled Wednesday after nearly five years since the process of its formulation started.
Officials said the Kenya Investment Policy seeks to guide attraction, facilitation, retention, monitoring and evaluation of the impact of private investments at national and county levels.
Under the new framework, investors will be offered conditional incentives tailored at unique needs of their respective sectors, including land banks in partnership with the county governments.
Investment environment
This will be guided by the proposed National Investment Council to be chaired by President Uhuru Kenyatta with representation from the private sector.
“This is the key document that contains the policy that brings certainty and stability in terms of investment environment,” Industry and Trade Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya said.
“One of the chapters in this policy is … negative lists meaning that we are protecting particular sectors which will be left to local investors only,” he added.
The current minimum capital requirement of $100, 000 (Sh10.3 million) for foreigners will also be reviewed, Dr Ikiara said.
Direct investment
Kenya’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) flows rose 27.53 per cent in 2018 to hit a fresh high of Sh164.84 billion, according to the World Investment 2019 report published by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development in June.

by Constant Munda

Akothee lashes at her promoters who left her stranded in the US

Singer Akothee has lashed out at her promoters who left her stranded in the US, where she was expected to perform at a number of events to raise money for her foundation.

Akothee revealed the harsh conditions she had to endure after the promoter disappeared, leaving her stranded in Minneapolis.


Trouble started the night she was scheduled to perform, when there was no car to take her from the hotel to the venue where she was scheduled to perform at midnight.

“You checked me into a budget hotel, I still kept my calm, I was tired so I slept, the following day, you only checked. Me into the hotel at 7.30 PM, I needed rest, so I slept for 2 hours and was awake by 10.00 PM, I was ready for the show by 12.00 but there was no car to take me to the venue, and you had not given the manager the balance,” Akothee wrote on Instagram.

“You came to pick me up at 1.30 and we arrived at the venue at 2.00am you driving like crazy on the road because fans were tired and leaving the venue, I was afraid for my life. After the show then boom, I was left in the cold, with no car to drive me back to the hotel, you left me in your car for almost 15 minutes,” she continues.

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Mum I hope all I will say here is truth and God be my witness. You invited me to Minneapolis based on you wanting to promote and support Akothee foundation, My guts refused several times and I told my management I had other commitments in Nigeria on the 2nd, I was forced to cancel my flight to attend mineapolis show🙏🏾, @rumbanotes had paid for return flights on the 31st from Dallas to Paris, you ordered my manager to cancel the tickets and that you will buy new tickets for the 4th from mineapolis, ,Seattle Paris🙊, 4 days before the show ,you changed the venue and asked my manager tomake a new poster for new venue which he did, wanted prior dinner with me and your friends and I told my management that I dont engage before my perfomance, this was for your own good, you said you had people who wanted to donate for Akothee foundation, and manager told you that we can do that after the show🙏🏾, you came to the airport with your family with just one car 🙈well I love children so it wasn’t a problem for me,but we could hardly fit in🙊, you checked me into a budget hotel,I still kept my calm ,I was tired so I slept , the following day , you only checked Me into the hotel at 7.30 PM, I needed rest ,so I slept for 2 hours and was awake by 10.00 PM, I was ready for the show by 12.00 but there was no car to take me to the venue ,and you had not given the manager the balance 🤔 , you came to pick me up at 1.30 and we arrived at the venue at 2.00am 🙊 you driving like crazy on the road because fans were tired and leaving the venue , I was afraid for my life 🙆‍♂️ after the show, I still created time and had a photo session with fans, then boom, I was left in the cold, with no car to drive me back to the hotel , you left me in your car for almost 15 minutes 😭 then a gentleman came with your car keys and drove me back to the hotel with your instructions 🙏🏾 I was happy to see my bed 🙏🏾you then became mad as to why I was taken to the hotel with your car, mom how was I supposed to get back ? You then got your car back. Drove off and dumped my manager in the cold 🙏🏾with no means of transport to come back to the hotel 🙏🏾mum we were your guests , what happened ,


It took the intervention of other people who paid for her flights and other expenses during her stay. However, Akothee’s manager was not as lucky as she.

“My fans needs to know what happened in Minneapolis on the 1st of November ‘Mum’ would you leave your own 4 children/husband in that Minneapolis cold with no Uber or taxi like you did to my manager, at 4.00 am and the hall was closed and everyone gone home,” she says in the post.

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Why was I supposed to contact you directly after the show ,🤷‍♂️ if I dint contact you directly before 🙊To beg for flight back home or hotel 🤷‍♂️ Did you forget that I am MADAMBOSS? Kindly let me know , I still dont understand what I did wrong , that’s why I am still calm , I am talking as Esther Akoth Kokeyo the founder of @akotheefoundation,. I still dint recieve the donations you said you had from your rich friends as reported by my manager 🙏🏾 I have total of 5000 usd from @rumbanotes fans and Family for for the borehole project @akotheefoundation 🙏🏾@rumbanotes also took charge of my expenses during my stay in America ,including your failed flights , all this happened without me knowing, I just recieved the news as I was leaving seatle, I didn’t know you dumped us 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️ SARAH , are you the same one who wanted my daughter to mentor your daughter or you just wanted something else 🙆‍♂️, I dont think I can subject my children to such a family 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️Like I am addressing you AS MUM, for being A mother of 4 , before hell break loose, AYEE, my fans needs to know what happened in MINNEAPOLIS ON THE 1ST NOVEMBER 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️ “MUM ” would you leave your own 4 children / husband in that Minneapolis cold with no uber or taxi like you did to my manager, at 4.00 am and the hall was closed and everyone gone home 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️

A post shared by AKOTHEE KENYA (@akotheekenya) on Nov 5, 2019 at 2:20pm PST

“I still dint receive the donations you said you had from your rich friends as reported by my manager I have total of 5000 USD from @rumbanotes fans and Family for the borehole project @akotheefoundation @rumbanotes also took charge of my expenses during my stay in America, including your failed flights, all this happened without me knowing, I just received the news as I was leaving Seattle, I didn’t know you dumped us SARAH,” Akothee further says.

The mother of five was supposed to perform in Minneapolis on November 1, as part of her organised world music tour.

By Sylvania Ambani

Kenyan student at Stanford Uni found dead in her room took poison – medical examiner

The Santa Clara Medical Examiner’s Office says a Kenyan student at Stanford University who was found dead in the dorm room in June died of suicide from poisoning.

Norah Borus Chelagat, 24, was found dead in her room on the campus of Stanford University on June 14, 2019.

The medical examiner did not release the cause of her death until last week.

Norah, who joined Stanford in 2014, studied Computer Science and was interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning, according to Stanford University.

She also ran a coding camp in Kenya, where she spent many of her breaks.

Norah, who was the best girl in Nairobi County in the 2013 KCSE exams, was pursuing a degree in engineering at Stanford University at the time of her death.

Her last video call with her father, mother and two siblings was on June 7. It was her 24th birthday and Norah was in her typical bubbly mood.


Her family joked, sang and wished her all the best in exams that would come the following week. They then ended the call with prayer, as they always did.

Little did they know that this would be the last video chat she would have with the family.

A week later, she was found dead in her room at Stanford University — where she had gone in 2014 to study computer science and was a master’s student.

She was laid to rest on June 29, at her father’s farm in Ray Farm, Moiben constituency in a ceremony that was attended by Elgeyo Marakwet Governor Alex Tolgos, Moiben MP Silas Tiren, William Kisang (Marakwet West), William Cheptumo (Baringo North) and former IG of police Joseph Joseph Boinnet among others.

A woman found dead in Ohio was killed by her own dogs: Police

An Ohio woman found dead in her home was likely killed by her own dogs, police say.

Mary Matthews, 49, was found in her Clearcreek Township, Ohio, home, about 40 miles northeast of Cincinnati on Friday, local police told CNN affiliate WLWT.
The cause of death has been determined to be a “dog attack,” Clearcreek Township police Chief John Terrill told WLWT. Matthews suffered multiple wounds, according to an incident report reviewed by the affiliate.
Investigators found two “large but thin” Great Danes on an enclosed deck of the home and blood was present throughout the house, according to WLWT.
Matthews’ husband, Mark Matthews, found his wife unresponsive in the home Friday and called authorities. He had been in county jail since Wednesday and returned home that day, authorities told the affiliate. There was no information on when the attack might have occurred.
Mark Matthews said the family rescued the dogs about two years ago but one had recently become vicious, biting his arm, WLWT reported.
“I wanted to get rid of him, but she wouldn’t,” Mark Matthews told the affiliate. “She loves animals.”
Authorities believe that the dogs attacked the woman and she was able to put them outside before succumbing to her injuries. Police believe she may not have realized the severity of her injuries and there was evidence that she had changed her clothing as well as attempted to clean up the blood with towels, the affiliate said.
Police said the victim suffered from chronic alcoholism and took several prescription medications, which may have impacted her ability to respond to the situation appropriately, according to WLWT. The incident report reviewed by the affiliate says investigators found debris in the home including beer cans and medication bottles.
“Due to this history, it is felt that (Mary Matthews) may not have been in a clear-minded state to judge the severity of her situation and thus failed to call for help,” the police report said.
WLWT reported that the dogs were euthanized.

Top 2018 KCSE candidates among 21 students being airlifted to the best North American universities

Twenty-one students among them top 2018 KCSE candidate Juliet Otieno will be airlifted to the best North American universities in August 2020 for further studies by the Kenya Scholar Access Programme (KenSAP). The students, drawn from across the 47 counties sat their exams last year and all combined managed an average score of 81 points (A plain).
“Since inception 14 years ago, the programme has helped 197 students in admission to elite universities in the US for the last 15 years and 21 more students this year. More than 80 of them have gone to Ivy League universities,” said Charles Field-Marsham, Chairman, KenSAP Board of Directors during this year’s fundraising dinner to support the programme.

SAD: Kenyan student in US found dead in campus

A Kenyan studying Computer Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Amherst was on Wednesday night found dead in campus.

Local police said that the body of a man, who was later on Thursday identified as Erick Kang’ethe, was found lying in the vicinity of McGuirk Alumni stadium.

The cause of his death has not yet been disclosed, and Massachusetts State Police say investigations surrounding his death are ongoing.

According to local media, Keng’ethe was born in Nairobi and migrated with his family to the United States.

He was a junior studying Computer Engineering at UMass, and hoped to pursue a master’s degree in Security Engineering upon graduating.

He also volunteered with the Worcester-based non-profit organization Cultural Exchange through Soccer (CETS).

“We extend our sincere condolences to Erick’s family and friends,” UMass Associate Vice Chancellor David C. Vaillancourt wrote in an email to students on Thursday.
By Hillary Kimuyu & Agencies

Death Announcement for Eunice Wacuka Wambugu in USA

It is with deep sorrows and humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the passing on of our beloved Eunice Wacuka Wambugu that happened in USA on 19/10/19. She was working with United Nations.
Daughter of Margaret Wanjiru Kariuki of Ngong. She is survived by her lovely sons, Philip Wambugu, James Wambugu, Andrew Wambugu, Nicholas Wambugu – all in USA.
Daughter-in-law of the late John Philip Gathuri and late Judith Gathuri. Was former spouse of P.J.
Wambugu and sister-in-law of the late Gad & Lucy wamuti, Nellie & Peter Thuo Gathuri, Catherine & Kenneth Wakarera Gathuri, Esther & Ben Mbugua Gathuri, Humphrey & Beatrice Gitari.
Friends and relatives are meeting at All Saints Cathedral (Trinity Side) on 30/10/19, 31/10/19 and 1/11/19 from 5.30 p.m. – 8.00 p.m.
The cortege will leave Lee Funeral Home on 8/11/19 at 8.30 a.m. The funeral service will be at the All Saints Cathedral, Nairobi on Friday 8/11/19 at 10.00 a.m.
The burial ceremony will follow thereafter at her mother’s home in Ngong.
2nd Timothy 4:7 – You have fought the good fight, you have finished the race and you have kept the faith. Rest in Peace.