CCTV cameras & prepaid cards, how schools are curbing indiscipline using technology

Schools have continued to embrace digital technology by installing CCTV cameras within their compounds, while others have adopted cashless transactions through student prepaid cards.
These are among the many ways that school administrations are adopting to curb indiscipline and other social vices such as arson, theft, bullying and drug abuse in their schools.
Many institutions have adopted CCTV cameras after more than 100 schools across the country were burned by students.
The student prepaid cards have also become a policy in many schools and parents are adopting them.
Nyeri High School, Kagumo Boys High School and Mwiyogo Secondary School are among the schools in Nyeri County that have embraced the prepaid system for their students.
The prepaid cards enable students to receive pocket money from their parents through direct deposits, reducing the risks involved in handling cash and embrace e-payment platforms during transactions.
Parents deposit money through different platforms including Eazzy banking, Mpesa, Equitel or from an Equity agent.
Students then access the money and pay for canteen services, if the policy has been adopted in the school.
The canteens have a point of sale (POS) machine where the students can pay directly from their accounts or even withdraw the money they need.
Four-digit pin security
A POS machine is an electronic device used to process card payments at retail locations.
Students can also withdraw cash from Equity agents outside the school, for which they only need to have their pin and produce their school identity card.
Equity Bank Nyeri One branch manager George Kennedy Maina says the prepaid cards have a four-digit pin security, which secure the account from third party access.
“The cards are safely protected by a pin number only known by the student. If he/she wishes to withdraw the money, they need to just walk into an Equity agent,” Mr Maina said.
“We have supplied the schools that have adopted the technology with our POS machines where the students can just pay directly or they can withdraw the money they need,” he said.


An agent swipes an ATM card after a customer pays for some services in Nyeri town| NMG

The cards will help protect parents from con artists, who usually make distress calls pretending to be their children in urgent need of money.
Mr Maina urged schools to adopt the policy and parents to collect the cards for their children, saying, they were free and even non-account holders could take the cards for their children.
Nyeri High School Principal James Maina said the cards were good as they made the institution safe.
He said the safety was because students did not carry cash money to school and transactions were cashless.
By Regina Kinogu

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