Cliff Ombeta: I’ve been divorced five years now, I don’t want to be married again

Criminal Lawyer Cliff Ombeta has revealed that he has been divorced for five years and does not want to get married again.

Speaking to Jackson Biko of Business Daily Life, Mr Ombeta who is 49 years old said he has 18 and 15 years old children, but does not want to get into a permanent relationship.

Biko asked him: ” What will you regret when it all comes to an end? “

He paused and replied: “I honestly can’t think of anything, apart from perhaps my work keeps me away from my children. } {They are 18 and 15 years old}. But I’m trying to compensate now. I do daddy things; school runs … I’ve been divorced five years now. I have never wanted to get into any other permanent relationship because it means going through the same circle again.”

He however revealed that he has a Rwandan girlfriend.

“I don’t want to be married again. I also don’t want to have other children. I want to concentrate on the two I have. It’s also tricky dating now because you don’t know who is genuine, who wants you for Cliff the lawyer and not for me. Sometimes you end up pushing away genuine people. But I actually have a girlfriend from Rwanda,” he said.

Mr Ombeta attended Jamhuri High School, Highway Secondary School, Kamusinga Secondary School and Koelel High School, all which he was expelled.

“I’m not problematic, I just don’t like being bullied; you can’t punish me if you can’t prove it. I challenge dogma,” he says.

Read the whole interview here

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