• The official death toll rose to 468 people on 26 March, according to the Government.
  • Nearly 91,000 houses were identified as destroyed, damaged or flooded; up from 72,260 reported by the authorities on 25 March.
  • 5370

    Residents survey the devastation caused by Cyclone Idai in the Mozambican city of Beira, where fears of a cholera outbreak have been realised. Photograph: Karel Prinsloo/DEC

  • Some 900,000 doses of oral cholera vaccines are en route to Mozambique from the global emergency stockpile.
  • Nearly 128,000 people are sheltering in 154 sites across Sofala (more than 96,300 people), Manica (more than 14,800 people), Zambezia (more than 9,600 people); and Tete (more than 6,800 people) as of 26 March.

Source:United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Mozambique.

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