Depression diaries: I sunk into depression after giving birth to my baby-DJ Makena reveals


Top female DJ Pierra Makena has revealed how she sank into depression after giving birth to her child.

In an interview with Parents magazine, Makena explained how having a baby and a zero bank balance took a toll on her mental health.

I got depressed after giving birth to Ricca.

My current bank account was at zero.

She had resigned from a well paying job, had broken up with the father of her child and her company was still very young to bring in income.

My company was young and wasn´t bringing in any money.

I couldn´t deejay as much plus I had resigned from a well-paying job.

I started surviving on my savings.

She explains that she did not want to call her baby daddy to ask for child support. Her friends also disappeared when things got tough for her.

I lost friends but I thank God for my family who supported me.

Even when I hit rock bottom and during depressive episodes, I kept telling myself that I would rise again.

I thank God for my family and a few friends who stuck by me.

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Top female DJ, Pierra Makena. Photo Credit:  Pierra Makena IG page

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