From a P1 teacher to pursuing a PhD

She rose from a P1 primary schoolteacher to being a Deputy Director of Education and now a PhD holder, all because of music.

Dr Ruth Agesa rose from conducting primary school choirs in Nakuru to become the executive secretary of the largest event in East and Central Africa, the Kenya National Music Festival.

In between, she has conducted choirs in different categories up to the national level and has been an adjudicator, composer, director with many choirs as well as a regional music organising secretary.

Dr Agesa is Head of Protocol at the Education ministry headquarters, Jogoo House.

In between, she has received three presidential awards for her services towards music. She was awarded Head of State Commendation (HSC) for her prowess in music, Order of the Grand Warrior (OGW) of Kenya for her resourceful contribution to the mobilisation of children during public holidays and Moran of the Burning Spear (MBS) for her exemplary leadership and organisation of the music festival.

Pursue her passion

Dr Agesa is a good example of what a person can achieve if he or she chooses to pursue their passion.

She has risen steadily through the ranks and does not seem to be stopping anytime soon.

To celebrate her latest achievement — getting a PhD — her contemporaries in music, drama and theatre industries will be holding a graduation celebration ceremony at Chango in Vihiga County on December 6.

Vihiga County Drama Welfare Association will attend the celebration. It has been a long journey for her, but she has enjoyed it all.

Dr Agesa is the head of performing arts in the country and is a member of the Kenya National Drama and Film Festival.

“My career in drama and music dates back to my days as a teacher at Muslim and Koinange primary schools and Nakuru High School where I coordinated drama and trained choirs,” she says.

“I was appointed Rift Valley Regional Music secretary before being promoted to Inspector of Schools at the Ministry of Education” she adds.

“My PhD is in Peace and Conflict Studies a testimony to how far talent and passion in theatre, film and music can take us’’ she concludes.


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