‘He blocked me and never picked my calls,’ Brian Bera’s sister

The Family of Brian Kibet Bera are shocked to find out that their kin has made headlines for trying to storm State House with a knife.

“Tomorrow I attack State House,” read part of Brina’s posts. He also indicated that he was fighting for what he termed as ‘land injustice’ in his home area in Trans-Nzoia County. The Facebook account was deactivated yesterday in the afternoon.

His JKUAT classmates claim that when they reached out to him to question his stance based on his Facebook page, they were either blocked or dismissed.

“He was very defensive when we asked him about some of his Facebook posts. At one point he even told me off saying I’m meddling in his life, I should focus on mine and leave him alone,” a student of JKUAT said

The Standard reached out to Brian’s sister, Vivian Bera, a university student in Eldoret, who said, she was among those that he had blocked.

“After blocking me, he never picked my calls. This was after I started questioning why he was making alarming posts,” said Vivian, who insisted that her brother was not a criminal. “He requires psychiatric treatment,” she said.

In his interview with The Standard, Brian’s dad, Victor Bera painted a rosy picture of his first son who he described as a jovial and bright student in primary and secondary school.

The firstborn in a family of six, Brian was among the top students at Kitale School where he scored 407 marks in Class Eight. This earned him a place at Nairobi School where he managed a straight ‘A’ in the KCSE exams.

“In 2016, we started observing changes in him when he was at home. He became withdrawn and started keeping to himself most of the time. He was also suddenly very negative about life and everything,” said Bera.

He realised the son was not well when he was arrested trying to climb Mt Kenya. He was ill-equipped to do so.

“I received a call from the area OCS that my son had been arrested and I should go pick him up from the station. Brian told the rangers who arrested him that he was on his way to the top of Mt Kenya.”

When Brian was questioned about it he said:

“I’m more at home with nature”.

Brian is currently in the custody of the police.


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