How I save money on groceries and house shopping

Times have become tough and I would love to share my hacks on how I cut on expenses on my shopping and my day to day life.

  • I don’t buy Java Coffee or any takeout coffee anymore. I bought a tin of Dormans coffee from the supermarket , some tea bags and a fancy thermos mug and put it on my work desk. I use office sugar and hot water from the dispenser to make me some coffee or tea. This has helped me save at least Ksh 400, $4 every month- I would buy take out coffee like once every fortnight.
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Fancy coffee thermos mug.  Photo by David Bares on

  • I buy fruits that are in season, if it is mango season, that is what I’m gonna have in plenty, so is pears, or oranges or plums. Bananas are always in season so I will always compliments the fruits basket with them. In-season produce prices drop due to the oversupply in the market that is why I  focus them. I don’t know how much I save on that but I’m pretty sure it is a few coins.
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  • Every time I go home which is the rural Kenya,  I carry maize flour from home, I also buy milk from the vendors, around 10 litres which will last me for a week to a week and a half and vegetables if I can. I save at least Ksh500, $5 a month on these
  • I stopped eating out. I also don’t order take-out when in the house, I once downloaded Uber Eats on my phone to check how capable these food apps are. True to their word, my order was right on time, while still hot. It eventually became a habit.
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Big Square pork ribs

Why bother preparing a meal while I could have one at a click of a button. I quickly realized I was spending a lot on food than I used to. The app had to go. I know I am not alone in this. It even creates a culture of laziness. Just delete the app. Make home-cooked meals.  I got to try new recipes and got creative in the process. And I saved up a bunch of money as well.

  • While still on food and eating out, I bring food to work. This is one of those things that many people talk about doing, but tend to struggle with when it comes to follow-through. Bringing my lunch to work is one of my favourite money saving tip every single week. I save at least Ksh500 $5 every week, Ksh2000,  $20 a month. I also sometimes carry fruits or blended juice just to make the meal exciting. 
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Fruits that I carry to work

  • Meal preps is a thing. I’ll admit cooking can be energy- sapping and sometimes when I come home from work, the last thing I feel like doing is cooking tomorrow’s lunch. So I looked for easy doable meals, I buy the ingredients in bulk and cook over the weekend and freeze the food or cook for two evenings in a week. When I get bored of home food, I buy lunch once a week, max.
  • I do wholesale shopping I only buy what I must in the supermarket and I must go with a shopping list. This one helps me avoid buying unnecessary items and at the same time I can buy precisely what I need, and spend less time in the store.

There are many ways to save coins and these are just a few of them. To save on house shopping takes more effort because the items to spend on are many. But with deliberate and intentional steps you can find yourself saving a lot on these essential items. Make sure you purchase in-season items, delete food delivery apps, and always be on the lookout for discounts. Who knows, you might soon be able to go on that holiday you have always dreamed on. A little effort goes a long way in the long run.

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