“I feel like killing my self” Singer Ray C social media cry for help

East African Singer Ray C has taken her Instagram account to reveal the dark days she is going through.

In what can be interpreted as a cry for help, Ray C reveals she feels depressed, is thinking a lot and has been contemplating suicide.


Ray C whose real name is Rehema Yusuph Chalamila has previously spent months in a rehab battling drug addiction as well as depression and looks like she has relapsed.


Ray C in 2017, was sent back to rehabilitation in Dar es Salaam Tanzania, after attempting suicide. In 2012, retired President Jakaya Kikwete and other well wishers had sent her to rehab


In 2018, after fans speculated about her HIV status, the Tanzanian star posted a photo showing her HIV test results with the image of the kit showing negative .

Artistes in East Africa and around the world have come out sharing their stories on battling depression, a move that help in the stigma and ignorance around mental health issues.

Top female DJ Pierra Makena  revealed how she sank into depression after giving birth to her child. In an interview with Parents magazine, Makena explained how having a baby and a zero bank balance took a toll on her mental health.

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She had resigned from a well paying job, had broken up with the father of her child and her company was still very young to bring in income.

Depression diaries: I sunk into depression after giving birth to my baby-DJ Makena reveals

You tubers and digital content creators Sharon Mwangi and Maureen Waititu have also come out on how they coped when depression struck hardest. In a You tube video , the two narrated that alcohol was their solace to numb the sadness, insomnia, emptiness and helplessness that comes with depression.

Ms Mwangi who is doing her masters in psychology said her depression was triggered when her boyfriend broke up with her.

“The first time I knew I was depressed was after I had gone through a very bad break up, he left me to go back to his ex, I really loved him, my family and friends knew him and we thought we would get married, ” she explains.

Depression Series: How we dealt with our depression, two Youtubers speak out- VIDEO

“After that break-up, I would cry everyday, I would get home from work, go to the shower and cry. I did this for over a month, I was constantly sad, my friends would try to cheer me up, but I was constantly in my thoughts asking myself and God questions, I was completely hopeless, empty and felt worthless,” she narrated.

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You Tuber and Digital Content Creator Sharon Mwangi: Photo Credit| Sharon Mwangi IG

Maureen, in the video said her depression came as post partum after getting her first child.

“I would wake up, hold my baby and sit there in darkness without opening the curtains, and soon it became worse because I started entertaining suicide thoughts, every time we would fight with my husband I would feel unworthy, my self esteem was down, I would try to compare myself with other women and it was hitting hard.”

“My real depression came when I had my second baby, the entire time I was pregnant, I would cry every single day, and it was painful crying,” she narrates in the 32-minute video.

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You Tuber and Digital Content Creator Maureen Waititu Photo Credit| Maureen Waititu IG

Also, Empire Star Taraji P Henson opened about her battle with depression saying she is currently at her lowest in dealing with anxiety.

“I suffer from depression, My anxiety is kicking up, even more, every day, and I’ve never really dealt with anxiety like that. It’s something new,” Taraji told Page Six.

DEPRESSION SERIES: Empire actress Taraji P. Henson reveals her battle with anxiety and getting the right therapist.




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