I have driven the same car for 7 years: Mwalimu Rachel reveals what it took to build her rental houses- PHOTOS

Mwalimu Rachel has shared the blood, sweat and tears that got her to become a landlord before turning 35.

The NRG radio presenter took to  Instagram to post photos of her just completed three rental units- a studio apartment (bedsitter) and two one bedroom houses.

She revealed that the journey to build the houses had involved her cutting on luxuries and driving the same Toyota Runx for seven years. Toyota Runx is a modest car in the same class as Vitz, Ist and is known to be fuel efficient.

In an interview with True Love recently, Mwalimu Rachel explained how she had to contend with seeing her friends drive good cars while she was still driving her modest car.

In another You tube post she had a few months ago, Mwalimu Rachel  posted a video taking her first ever flight, flying to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It is clear, the radio presenter had to tighten her belts so as to inject most of the money in building the property.

She said:

Never thought I would ever hold the title: landlady. But life has a way of surprising you! This is one of the 3 units I have. All already booked and tenants moving in end of the month. This is a studio apartment(usiseme bedsitter! Sema studio apartment are we together??😂😂) and I have another 2 one bedrooms.
Why am I sharing this with you at the risk of being labeled a show off? So as to show the STEADY, TEDIOUS journey of LEGIT growth through sacrifice. I have had to learn about investing. And with that comes driving the same Toyota RunX for about 7 years now. That comes with getting more money but maintaining my lifestyle and expenditure. .
To anyone who is a dreamer and sometimes gets discouraged by what you see around you, friends balling out of control and having flashy things(and that’s their life! Usimind!) just stay focused. Start saving mdogo mdogo, create that discipline within you and work hard. And one day, doors will open and opportunities will come. I pray for you to stay grinding and for God to give you the grace to handle the blessings that come your way

Below is the instagram post together with photos of the house.


Below are the photos of the units

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-11 at 11.47.33

The bedsitter Mwalimu Rachel posted on Instagram. PHOTO CREDIT: theemwalimurachel


WhatsApp Image 2019-04-11 at 11.47.53

The bedsitter Mwalimu Rachel posted on Instagram. PHOTO CREDIT: theemwalimurachel

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