I moved on immediately after breaking up with fiancee, DJ Kalonje reveals

DJ Kalonje has confessed that he moved on quickly after breaking up with his long time lover.

Speaking in an interview with Kiss 100, the popular DJ confessed that he had to move on to another lover immediately after parting ways because he didn’t have time to waste.

” I am dating someone right now so for now, no wedding stories. I moved on that same night, there is no time to waste.” said Kalonje.


In January, the famed deejay hinted on social media in a since-deleted post that they were calling it quits with Sonnie after dating for seven years.

He later denied that the two had broken up, a thing that he now says was just meant to do damage control.

“We tried and things did not work out then I went ahead to post it on social media which got me in trouble with my followers. I tried to clean up my CV by posting another picture of the two of us but sadly the ship has already sailed.” he said.


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