I never imagined I’d appear on Parents’ Magazine cover as a single mum-Maureen Waititu

You Tube vlogger and content creator Maureen Waititu has shared with her fans how she always dreamt on being on the cover of Parents’ Magazine but never as a single mum.
In her You Tube Channel, Miss Waititu who is fresh from a separation with her husband said she had always wished to be on the cover of the Parents’ Magazine but as a complete family.
“I kind of dreamt about this when I was a little girl and I knew that I would be on it with my complete family… and the thought of the circumstances that brought us to breaking down of the family makes me so mad and so sad…my kids will see this magazine when they are older..it is just messed up,” an emotional Maureen shared.
“I don’t even know why I agreed to it, but I somehow have the conviction that I must move on with my life the way it is, being a single parent doesn’t have to stop me from living my life, being broken up with a person does not prevent me from being a full, complete parent,I hate it so much, but I got to move on,” she said.It was around June when the news of the break-up of the sensational couple surfaced online.
Maureen was married to the father of her two kids, Frankie Kiarie also known as Frankie Just Gym.

According to a Heads Up  the two, parted ways months ago and are now leaving in separate houses.

In one weekend, they both attended an event where they arrived separately, sat on different tables and never talked.

The couple let us into their lives through their YouTube channel, Alpha Beta, where they made headlines for serving couple goals.  

Maureen revealed she has been battling depression for sometime, in a bold You Tube video where she laid bare her struggle with mental health.

She said her depression came as post partum after getting her first child.

“I would wake up, hold my baby and sit there in darkness without opening the curtains, and soon it became worse because I started entertaining suicide thoughts, every time we would fight with my husband I would feel unworthy, my self esteem was down, I would try to compare myself with other women and it was hitting hard.”

“My real depression came when I had my second baby, the entire time I was pregnant, I would cry every single day, and it was painful crying,” she narrates in the 32-minute video.

She started taking Amarula relying on it and painkillers to cure her constant headache and to get sleep. She would get her drink from  dial a drink online shop which would deliver the alcohol to her doorstep. She soon started feeling embarrassed of  getting the alcohol brought to her doorstep and decided to go buy it herself.

“Every afternoon, I would go to Sarit Centre to a liquour store and grab a bottle, I would come home, park the car and drink the entire bottle in the car before getting into the house. But this would be followed by a huge guilty feeling, I would do this Monday to Monday, ” she explains.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-15 at 09.20.19
Social Media influencer, gym fitness junkie and former Maureen Waititu’s husband Frank holding their two sons

She stared getting panic attacks and palpitations, later stopped eating food so that the alcohol would work. This was in November, December 2018.

She later sought help from a life coach who is different from therapist who helped her get her life back.

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