I returned my wife to her parents’ home: Ali Kiba

Tanzanian singer Ali Kiba has come out to admit that his marriage to Kenyan wife Amina Khalef is on the rocks.
Speaking to Tanzanian radio presenter Diva The Bause, the singer said his wife is back in Kenya.
“It is true that my wife and I have issues, which is normal for any couple. I returned her to her parents’ home myself. I wanted her to also go back to work, I then travelled to Europe,” he said.
“She had previously told me she wanted to work because she is very educated. When I returned from Eu- rope, she told me she was good and now I can go visit her at any time.
“I haven’t divorced her yet, but everyone is doing their own thing now. Divorce is not something to be praised or announced to people.”
Kiba said his mother had helped bring them back together.
“Honestly, in the recent past, we had disagreed but my mother solved it. She told us that marriage life needs patience and has a lot of challenges, and the devil doesn’t like people in union,” he said.
Tanzanian gossip pundits said Amina was accused of witchcraft, claims that Ali Kiba rubbished.
“It’s not true what they said that Amina doesn’t like people. There are other things that made me really up- set that my wife is using witchcraft on my son Sameer. That shocked me. When you talk about other people’s marriage like that, then you can easily be struck by thunder because that is like destroying the marriage,” he said.
“Haters think that they are not going to bring me down. I will not live a life of social media. I don’t like getting into people’s lives. What if whatever these haters are saying really destroys my marriage? It doesn’t look good.”
The ‘Mapenzi Yanarun Dunia’ hitmaker went on to say that he is allowed to have more wives.
“When my wife disappoints me and I decide to leave her, it’s normal. As a Muslim, I’m allowed to marry even four of them. If I say I will leave my wife today, tomorrow I’m getting married. I don’t like people to come between me and my wife. Like right now, people are speaking ill of her for no reason,” he said.
“I want people to know I’m not a publicity stunt person and I have never acted my life. Also, my baby mama and I have nothing going on apart from co-parenting. I respect her as the mother of my child. When I married Amina, she congratulated me and she has since never stepped into my home.”

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