I would cry in the matatu: Radio presenter Masawe Japanni reveals the pain of losing her baby


Radio presenter Masawe Japanni has shared her painful experience losing a child eleven years ago.

In an interview with Radio Jambo, Mrs Japanni said going to hospital expecting to have a baby but going home without one was a sad experience for her.

She explains how she would just cry while walking to work, or in matatus, she would find herself crying to the amazement of other passengers.

“It was a very painful experience, I was newly married, it was our first child, we had even named him Kwame, but losing the child was very painful,” said Mrs Japanni.

“My husband supported me, we would cry together, we put the clothes of the baby away together and that made it easier.”


Masawe Japanni and family

Mrs Japanni says sometimes she keeps flashing back and counting how old the baby would be now.

The radio presenter who now has three children encourages women to believe in God, and to be strong.

Watch the video here:

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