I’m targeted for humiliation,I think the President was misled to sack me: Echesa

Former Sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa insists he is still in the dark on why President Uhuru Kenyatta sacked him nearly two months ago.

“I think the President was misled to sack me,” Echesa said.

He said his sacking has exposed him to ridicule and his detractors were now linking him to criminal cartels.

The former CS said he has no criminal record. He denied social media reports that he was linked to money printing and fraud cartels.

“My children, friends and relatives are seriously affected by the humiliation and embarrassment I have been subjected to. I wonder why the President should allow all this to happen to me yet I’m not a criminal.”

He continued, “It haunts me, my family and my children. Everyone keeps asking what I did. It would greatly free my mind and clear my name if the President just told me what mistake I made. Even Kenyans are asking themselves if Echesa stole from government or what annoyed the President.”

Echesa said he is adjusting to life outside the Cabinet and will not give up on politics. He denied being involved in criminal gangs.

“If the President cannot tell me why he sacked me, then I ask him to find a place in his heart to forgive me because I’m in darkness and I do not even know if I may have offended him unknowingly.”

Echesa told the Star at his home in Mumias, “I did not offend anyone in the Cabinet and I was loyal to the President, the Deputy President and the government. The sacking came as a big shock to me and that is why I have repeatedly asked the President to tell me and Kenyans what mistake I made.”

He said although he had fingered ODM leader Raila Odinga for his tribulations, he has absolved him because President Uhuru is the appointing authority.

He said he had tried to reach the President through DP William Ruto and believes the DP had relayed the message to the head of state.

Echesa said his arrest last week over the killings in Matungu could have been part of the scheme to embarrass and ridicule him.

The former CS has sued the state over the arrest. He wants the police to investigate and tell Kenyans the truth about the killings he alleged was carried out by the “42 Brothers” criminal gang.


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