Kanze Dena explains Uhuru’s weekend rant

State House has defended President Uhuru Kenyatta’s rant over the weekend, saying the Head of State has run out of patience.

Spokesperson Kanze Dena on Tuesday said the President has been patient enough with politicians who have taken him for granted.

She said the President has reached his limit and will no longer tolerate mere politics that adds no value to his administration.

“Riasi ni mvumilivu. Kila mara akiwa mikutanoni amekuwa akiwaonya wana siasa jamaneni tuwachaneni na siasa tuwahudumie wananchi na umoja wa wakenya. Amesema mara moja, mbili na sasa ukakuwa wimbo.  Kwa kweli kuna ile elastic limit. Kwa sasa lazima wafahamu kwamba maswala ya siasa hayatapewa kipao mbele bali maendeleo na umoja wa wakenya,” she said.

President Uhuru Kenyatta addresses the annual General Conference of the Akurinu Churches Assembly at the Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani. Image: PSCU

This loosely translates to, “The president has been patient. He has been warning politicians at every meeting to focus on service delivery. He has repeated once, twice and it has become a song. But now all of you should know the president has reached his elastic limit. He does not want to entertain politics that have no value but agenda that unites all Kenyans.”

Uhuru had on Sunday rubbished Deputy President William Ruto’s Tangatanga squad as”criminals” busy politicking instead of focusing on development.

An angry Uhuru read the Riot Act in Ruto’s presence and vowed to “crush” his detractors trying to derail his unity and progress agenda.

The President was addressing the Akorino Annual Convention at Kasarani Stadium.

Speaking in Kikuyu, Uhuru said he should not be mistaken for a weak lame duck President.

“Let them not think they can threaten me. I will flush them out from wherever they are ….wait and see,” the President pledged, signalling a battle against Tangatanga MPs in his Central Kenya backyard.


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