Ken Mijungu’s house swept clean by thugs

Former NTV news anchor Ken Mijungu’s house was swept clean by thugs who raided the residence twice.


In a post on Twitter, on Wednesday, July 22, he explained that the robbers even ripped off his curtains. 

He wrote: “Lightning don’t strike twice but thieves do, so the first time they broke my reinforced glass window with a sledge hummer or equivalent, carted away all electronics, weeks later they came with a pick-up, or Canter truck and carried away everything else, even ripped curtains off!”

His Twitter followers comforted him with a number saying a similar tragedy had also happened to them at one time.

Gibson Amenya wrote: Tough times brother but take heart my case was painful when I kept household items for a friend who was leaving the country only for vijana to break into my house and steal some.of items.Since he was an understood so I had to replace them lol

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