Kenyan woman Janet Oyuga murdered in Seattle Washington

It is with humble and sorrowful acceptance that we announce the untimely death through murder of our dearest friend Janet “Jay” Oyuga.

Janet and her sister Angela were attacked at their home that they had recently bought on auction. In their kindness they had continued hosting the previous homeowner (the suspect) who had no where to move out of respect for her old age.

The assailant murdered Janet at the home and hid in wait for the sister Angela to get home from her late shift.  Angela, unaware of what had transpired, was shot on the back as she was walking up the stairs. Janet was pronounced dead by law enforcement at the scene.

Fortunately, we did not lose Angela and she is recuperating at Harborview Hospital in Seattle.
We humbly request your prayers and financial contribution as we raise funds to send Janet’s body back to her family in Kenya and meet other funeral costs.

In addition, with the nature of Angela’s injuries, we would like to get Angela’s sister to come over and help take care of her as she will not be able to work for a while. This is a very complex case and needs legal counsel to ensure justice for our sisters in this heinous crime.
If you can help financially, please send your donation via CashApp at :
Pauline Tabu 206 929 9803 $olewe
Pastor Festus Gumbo $FestusGumbo 425 443 9187

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