Kirubi: It took me many months lying in bed, sick, to believe that God is most powerful

Billionaire and philanthropist Chris Kirubi is known to many as a businessman extraordinaire, a DJ, and a man savouring the texture of life, but not many know he has sought God and in his hour of need, his prayers were answered.

In an intimate interview with the Jackson Biko, Mr Kirubi opened up on his alone moments, why his appetite and acumen for business are not about to fade, and his new dream home. Has the billionaire accumulated enough wealth or why does he continue to work when he could take it easy? And why is he building his dream home now, at the age of 79, with no wife, and has been ailing for months? Mr Kirubi, who has a stake in numerous companies, including Centum, says the one thing he has learnt during his long illness is that in the end “you are alone”.

“You think about the past, the things that you could have done, the things that you have not done, and what you can do to compensate for the things you ignored. It is a time of reflection.

And prayers from friends do help, a lot,” he says.

Although he is grateful that he received high-quality specialised care abroad, he still struggles with the question of what can be done to make such personalised care a reality in Kenya.

In his own way, however, he has contributed to improving the health and wellness of many Kenyans, revealing that one of his technology companies powers the platform used by medical insurance firms through smart cards.

“There is no medical insurer that isn’t using my smart application. My ICT company has nearly two million subscribers.

I look forward to having four million and I’m sure by the time I have four million, I’ll want to have six million more. Why? Because I contribute to people’s wellness,” he says.

Has his illness made him more spiritual? “I’m closer to God now because I’ve believed that without God’s will I would not be who I am today,” he says.

“It took me many months lying in bed, sick, to believe that God is most powerful. And it’s a shame we always go to God when we need Him.”

BY Jackson Biko

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