Lady laments how bride slapped her with a bill morning after wedding

The debate on how couples should shoulder their wedding costs and whether it is okay to fundraise for a wedding is not ending anytime soon.

People still complain of how their friends impose on them wedding costs by adding them to wedding committees, to Whatsapp groups and  inboxing them on social media, blatantly asking for support on their big day.

Kenyans on Twitter were recently awed by a man who did a budget wedding of Sh23,500. Ritchie Odak posted his wedding budget on Twitter earning him online admiration.  Looks like people are more appreciative of a simple wedding that one can afford, than a grandiose function that leaves everyone, friends and family heaving from the costs imposed on them.

One user on Twitter narrated how she found herself slapped with a bill by the bride, who said the contribution she had pledged to make  was not enough to cater for the experience they had at the destination wedding.

Seyi Akiwowo, an activist in a thread on Twitter said how her friend invited them for a wedding in Romania in 2015. She and her friend were the only black people. Seyi described the wedding as ‘dope’ and they had a lot of fun, they even got a free goodie bag from the couple.


Wedding guest Seyi Akiwowo, pictured right hugging the bride, revealed how she was asked to transfer money to the bride after the big day in Romania as she hadn’t contributed enough . PHOTO CREDIT: SEYI TWITTER

She says however, she and her friend footed their own flight and accommodation expenses for this getaway wedding and so when the envelope for the cash gift came, they were short of cash and there was no ATM nearby. They scrapped the little (25 Euro) they had and made a mental note to give the bride a proper gift later.

She tweeted: “The wedding went on for two days. Me and my friend bought our own flight, hotel (2 nights) and paid for our own expenses out there.”

She also says she had to pay an extra charge for her luggage and almost missed their return flight to London after a night of tequila drinking at the wedding

When they went back home from Romania and on reporting to work, Seyi says how she found an inbox from the bride on her Facebook. She at first thought it was a thank you note for coming through for her in the wedding but it turned out to be a debt collection message.

‘A Facebook message from the bride. My naive self thought she was messaging to ask if we got home okay…N O P E.’ tweeted Seyi

The bride carefully told Seyi how the 25 Euro they had contributed was too little to match the good and luxurious experience they had had at her wedding and went ahead to tell them the average contribution was 100 Euro. She gave her the bank details to do the necessary.

“You seem to enjoy plenty but this was not reflected in your contribution of our wedding costs, we have received 20 euro from you and 5 from your friend which is by far insufficient to cover the cost of menu and drinks for Sunday, not to mention all the efforts put orgnanising Saturday’s garden party,” wrote the friend.

She further said that every person was supposed to contribute around 100 euro or at least 75 euro to cover for the drinks and food they took at her wedding.

“Therefore, we would appreciate if you could please make a bank transfer to our account for the difference covering food and drinks which is a minimum 125 Euro for the two of you.”

Below are the screen shots that Seyi posted on Twitter of the message the bride sent the following morning.





Almost as an afterthought, the bride then says that she hopes Seyi got home ‘safe and sound’ and sends her ‘big hugs’.


Seyi pictured second left, and her friend, right, had traveled to Romania for the wedding and paid all of their own expenses. PHOTO CREDIT: SEYI TWITTER

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