Lecturer’s son died of stress and obesity- he was almost 100kgs, was unkempt -Government Pathologist

A University of Nairobi lecturer’s son died of stomach ulcers and obesity-related complications. According to Government Pathologist Peter Ndegwa, the autopsy done on Thursday evening revealed that Annah Khahugani’s 13-year-old son Emmanuel Inyama — whose decomposing body was found in the house — could have been stressed, and was almost 100 kilogrammes.
“He was unkempt. His hair was unshaven. He was not in a very good state and he was very obese. His ulcers could have been stress induced,” Ndegwa said.
His findings contradict earlier reports that Khahugani had given the police. She said the boy had slipped and injured himself. Ndegwa said there were no physical injuries on the body.
Emmanuel’s body was discovered by Steven Mwangi, caretaker of the apartment where Khahugani lived in Nairobi’s South B estate. He had gone to collect rent from her and when she did not answer the door, he peeked through the window.
“I saw a body covered in a blanket on the chair. There was a stench and houseflies were hovering over the body. I alerted the police immediately,” Mwangi said.
When the police broke in, they found Khahugani curled up in the kitchen. She was weeping and she told them that Emmanuel had been injured, but her church forbids them from going to hospital.
Police boss Philip Ndolo said Khahugani is under psychiatric monitoring, and they are still conducting investigations. He said they will call in some lecturers to help them with investigations.
“We need her colleagues to help us piece up a few missing details,” Ndolo said. The bizarre happenings have once again sparked the conversation on mental health and religion.
BY Mercy Adhiambo

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