Maina Kageni talks about his racism experience in US

Maina Kageni has talked about his experience with racism at the hands of his former bosses while working abroad.
Speaking during his breakfast show, Maina narrated his humiliating experience, saying it was one of his darkest moments in the US.
“I was called a n*gga so many times and the sad thing is that there is nothing you can do about it because you need the job,” Maina said.
He said it is normal in the US to hear your boss say ‘Hey nigga get this place cleaned up’, and “believe me you will be running around getting it cleaned.”
Maina said there is nothing one can do because most white people see every black person as a monkey. He spoke about his experience after an Italian TV commentator made racist comments against Inter Milan striker Romelu Lukaku at
the weekend.
Luciano Passiriani, speaking on Top Calcio 24, commented, “Lukaku is one of the strongest, I like him a lot because he has strength: he is the alter ego of [Duvan] Zapata at Atlanta. They have something more than the others, there’s nothing else to do.
“They score the goals and drag your team forward. If you go one- on-one with him, he will kill you. Either you give him 10 bananas to eat, or.”
The station sacked Passirani immediately and said he will no longer appear in the show. The moderator was quick to cut him off immediately he made the comment.
Passirani said he had only been joking.
Lukaku suffered racist abuse from Cagliari fans who subjected him to monkey chants during a match that Inter Milan went on to win 2-1 ear- lier this month.

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