Minutes after praying for my son’s healing, I got a call that he’d died:J Blessing

Video director Jibril Blessing, alias J Blessing, has spoken about losing his child with ex-girlfriend Chantelle four years ago.
His son Kyle was only six months old when he died. The two later parted ways but the memories of their son are still fresh in his mind.
In an interview with Word Is, J Blessing narrated the sad experience. He said, “When he was sick, he was given an immunisation injection and a few weeks later, he died.”
Adding that, “During that time I was going through a lot in life, and I remember when doctors talked to us about his health status, I was like, I’m sure God is going to heal him.”
J Blessing spent time praying for his son and had faith the Al- mighty would save him.”I went home that night and prayed. Around 8am, I told God, ‘Please heal my son’,” he recalled.
“’You’ve always been in my life but behind the scenes, whereby things happen, but I can really confirm if it’s you.’ Because people talk of God doing miracles in their lives and this was the time I wanted to see Him doing something visible.”
He was hopeful that a miracle would happen but, unfortunately, things didn’t go his way. “Five minutes after the prayer, I got a call from the hospital that my son had died,” he said.
By Elizabeth Ngigi, The Star

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