My experience at the Wu Tang Clan concert

May again here. So last weekend I visited Berlin after two years of staying in Germany, yes you heard right. Two years. Why did it take me that long you ask, because Berlin is 8 ½ hours or about  800km away from where I live by road. It took us 6 ½ hours with the ICE train (fast train) that’s like from Mombasa to Kisumu if you live in Kenya.

Wu Tang Clan

Two months before trip we booked for the hotel together with the return train ticket through a travel agency which was way cheaper around 120 Euro each. There was a big concert called Gods of Rap with rap groups like De la Soul Public Enemy and the biggest of all Wu Tang Clan. Since my boyfriend is a huge fun of Wu Tang Clan (huge is an understatement actually), he would not miss it for the world. I was so excited going to Berlin for the first time.

Parliament : PHOTO | MAY

We woke up really early on the travel day we took the very first train. We just had taken book a seat to avoid disruptions of changing seats if someone else had booked the seat. You could book a big legroom, quiet place, family place or phone place. We even carried some finger foods. It was a long ride.

After arrival in Berlin we had to try Berliner Döner. Those who don’t know, a Döner is a Turkish food of bread with roasted lamb or chicken meat inside with all kinds of vegetables and sauces. What makes it different is how it’s prepared in Berlin is different than other parts of Germany. And it tasted differently from what I was used to in Freiburg. We ate near the TV Tower which we dint get to climb because the waiting time was 3 hours and we didn’t have the luxury of time.

Where the wall crossed: PHOTO | MAY

We walked to the East Galley which was near the main train station. This was the where the wall of Berlin was and the original is still there. The wall separated the East and the West Berlin during the cold wall. Behold the wall was the Spree River which cuts across Berlin.

Looking at the Berlin Wall | PHOTO | MAY

We went to the concert with we bought a day ticket for 7 Euros for the public transport. It was at a park called Friedlichhain. One was not allowed to get in with any bottle, plastic or otherwise, so you can imagine how the road to the park looked like. Beer and wine bottles on the side of the road. . The concert was great; you just had to wait on line for 20 minutes just to buy beer.

After the concert, we went to a night club called Wild Renate. It opened at midnight Saturday all through to Monday. It never sleeps. And there was an entry fee. Clubs have entry fees here. Because we were given stickers to put on our phones, photography wasn’t allowed.

The next day we went to the Kenyan embassy in Germany to have a look. It was familiar feeling , seeing the Kenyan flag in a foreign country. It felt like home away from home. I didn’t manage to get my Huduma number just yet but it was possible.

Kenyan Embassy in Berlin, Seeing the Kenyan flag in a foreign country, it t felt like home away from home.: PHOTO | MAY

We walked through the Charlie’s Point. This was road block on the border between the earlier east and West Germany. The people from the west were allowed in the east but not the other way round. We also ate the curry sausage and chips which are also prepared differently in Berlin.

Signage showing the Kenyan Embassy in Berlin: PHOTO | MAY

The beauty of the trip was that we left a rainy Freiburg to a sunny Berlin so that felt holiday like and relaxing too. There were points around the city showing where the walls used to pass through. I would love to visit Berlin again, because I just got to see a small part of it. Boat rides and visit museums would be lovely too.

Berlin is a historic city and is different in its own way with the old and the new side of the city standing side by side; it’s truly a city that never sleeps.

Rathaus: PHOTO | MAY

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