MY STORY: My addictions and my marriage, Terence Creative speaks-Video

Creative Director, Social Media content developer and You Tuber Terence Creative has come out to share his life growing up in the slums, his stint as a street urchin, his smoking and gambling addiction that drained his family’s savings.

In an interview with Grace Msalame on her show Unscripted, Terence takes us to his life in Mlango Kubwa Slums, where he started smoking at the age of nine after losing his parents.

He also shares his years gambling in Casinos where he at one point lost Kshs. 1.2 million shillings.

“Gambling affected my marriage, I was a heavy gambler, casinos were comfortable, they normally give you food, free liquour, so if you are a frequent gambler, like me, you get good treatment, I went to gambling because I wanted quick money, ” he explains.

“My biggest loss was Kshs. 1.2 million in three days, me and my wife got a business deal that paid us Kshs.400,000, I secretly took the money, gambled and lost all of it, I could not go back home for three days, we were to purchase a piece of land with that money, but we didn’t. After pay, I would go to the casino and stay there for three days, gambling, one day Chebet my wife came for me and I told the bouncer not to let her in, she stayed out there until 4 am, crying, waiting for me,” he narrates.

Growing up in Mlango Kubwa in Mathare, Terence lost his parents when he was ten years old and was forced to move to the streets to provide for his himself.

“The small single room that we lived in could not fit all of us, around six of us, I opted to go to the streets and that is when I started smoking, I was also getting a lot of money, around 250 bob per day” he explains.

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Terence reveals he has smoked for 22 years, spending approximately Kshs. 800,000 on the cancer sticks, since he would smoke at least 2 packets of cigarettes per day.

“Especially when we used to do the Churchill show, we are directing, running the program, there was so much pressure, I would smoke a lot and Churchill would tell me to stop smoking but I would not, today I marks around 529 days without smoking,” he explains to Ms Msalame.

“It has been a struggle quitting, my wife pushed me to stop smoking, for more than 3 years, I never kissed my wife because of the stench, it was a turn off to her, it affected my marriage.”

Terence quit smoking cold turkey, he took the last stick and told God that that would be the last cigarette he would ever smoke.

He also quit gambling after he realised that none of the gambling money paid his bills.

“I sat down and realised I have some goals that I need to reach and I would not accomplish them with gambling, ‘ he explains adding that he would never promote a gambling company in his clips.

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Terence Creative. PHOTO CREDIT|Terence Creative Instagram


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