MY STORY:My dad introduced us to his second wife, and it broke our family apart-Video

Bobby Black, has shared in a You Tube Talk show a story of how his father introduced them to his second wife, a divorce that followed and later mending his relationship with his father.

Speaking on Engage Talk, Bobby narrated how his father,  a teacher living in Rongo got a new job with a Non-Governmental Organisation, which transferred him to Nairobi marking the beginning of a broken home.

“Both of my parents were teachers, so when my dad decided to quit TSC and join the NGO world, it was very welcome, he would travel and return over the weekend and often bearing gifts, I would look forward to those times. He would walk us to church on Sunday or we would often take a walk just me and him to the town centre to buy newspapers, I would bombard him with so many questions and he always had an answer to them, I relished this time and I looked forward to the weekends,” narrated Bobby.

Slowly things started changing and the father would come every fortnightly, then once a month and when he would come, he would be tired and sleep in and the newspaper buying walks also ended.

“He started sending me for the newspapers and he would read them in the bedroom, this change was slow and certain for a boy who lived for the weekend.”

“During this time, my parent’s marriage took a beating, I reckon the distance did not help. When dad would return, they would have subtle, not so subtle quarrels and this would overshadow the joy of him being around. Both mum and dad would be in a foul mood and dad would leave during the day and only come back at night.”

This is your step mum

Bobby describes how one day in 2005, him and sister were riding in their father’s car at the back and at the co-drivers side was a lady who he had seen before and her and the father chatted and giggled  as they drove.

“My father then pulled over, him and the lady turned and looked at us , and after a brief introduction, he said, this is your step mum, donge , I felt a sharp pain in my heart, difficulty in breathing, I was shivering, for what must have been a few seconds but it felt like many hours, I had so many questions in my mind.”

“We drove off and they continued laughing which was a lot louder now and giggled which was a lot more annoying.”

Soon after, the parents separated and Bobby’s mother moved to the United States and Bobby moved in with his father and the step mother in Nairobi.

“When I moved to Nairobi, I was struggling with being an adolescent, dealing with an absentee dad who was always out of the country as I discovered how tough Nairobi can be to a village boy with heavy Luo accent,” he narrated.

The father was one day shot by thugs and Bobby spent two weeks by his bed-side in hospital and this marked the turning point of mending a father- son relationship that had been broken.

“We had long hard, uncomfortable and sometimes awkward talk about the things he wished he had done differently, the mistakes he admitted to have done and I saw a different side of him, I saw someone who when he left to work in Nairobi had the most noble of intentions and I understood him as everyone is prone to mistakes, and I made same mistakes,  the more I tried to be not like my father, the more I was like him,” he narrates.

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