MY STORY:My Grandma made my ruracio purely business to mint money-VIDEO


During my traditional wedding my grandmother treated me in a very bad way, not like the grand daughter. When we went for my first introduction there was a different group of elders.

She gave me the list of those things on a Thursday when I was taking sufurias for cooking soup, lesos for women. So when I went inside the house, I found it full and she told me these are the people who will come for your ruracio, and the things they are demanding, a new list.

I broke down.


“For me I felt it was business, I even told her if your parents were here, they would not even demand a penny.

On Thursday before the ruracio, when we were taking the sufurias, she was negotiating inside there before she came out crying.

The cucu told her, when she told him that Mike had taken the kids and was educating them, the cucu said it was her responsibility, not theirs, that is why she was crying.

Mike a Ugandan, married to Carol a Kenyan

Then they were young young people, not the ones who came for the introduction. They would say “boss, kama ni opener ni Sh2000” I am like I can buy the opener for the day, and they were like, it is Sh2000.

And when we were issuing the envelopes, it was 15 envelopes and each of them was passing three hands to verify whether the money was genuine and if it was the correct amount. We made a joke that the way these guys are verifying money, even CBK does not do this. We reached a point where to us it that looked like business, it wasn’t like family knowing each other. You know, we agreed you are bringing Sh250,000.

To us Uganda, parents don’t want to be seen taking the dowry, you give the envelope, they hide and say, okay, can we talk.

The then bride adds: In a way or another, I felt bought, bought in an arrogant way, it made me miss my parents.

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