Mystery of schoolgirl with bloodied uniform on roadside


A school girl was found on the roadside in Rongai bleeding from mouth and nose, according to a good samaritan.

The girl who appeared to have been drugged, was found by Wanjiku Wanjiku and is currently recuperating at Nairobi Women’s Hospital in Ongata Rongai.


A schoolgirl is recuperating at the Nairobi Women’s Hospital in Ongata Rongai after she was discovered on thee roadside in bloodied uniform.

Wanjiku Wanjiku, a good samaritan, shared the information on her Facebook account.

She said she found the girl on Simba lane on Wednesday at around 9am.

According to reports by Citizen Digital, Wanjiku said the girl could barely speak, save for feebly stating her name and her home in Mwingi.

Officers from Ongata Rongai Police Station arrived at the scene moments later and took the girl to hospital.

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