New Jersey passes law allowing the terminally-ill to end their lives

Most people believe God gives life and takes it away. But think of this scenario. At the extreme end of the prolonged illness, you are given a legal leeway to take your life to enable you to fade away forever from the excruciating pain.

Does it sound right? Well, it has happened before. It is still happening. This is a tale of some states in America.


The latest is New Jersey, which on Monday, passed a bill to give terminally-ill people the right to end their lives. Yes, the right to commit suicide.
The bill dubbed “Medical Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act” was signed on Tuesday into law and grant patients, with six or fewer months to live, the onus to self-administer life-ending medication.

A patient seeking to have a life-ending medication will have to consult two doctors who will carry an assessment that will determine if indeed the patient had less than six months to live.

The patient will then have to request for the medication three times, including once in writing in presence of two witnesses. Upon being served, the patient will self administer the medication.

In as much as it may sound outrageous, the number of accolades lawmakers have received for passing the bill raises eyebrows as to whether this is the time one should prepare for the biblical coming of the Messiah.
In his congratulation message, the governor of New Jersey thanked lawmakers for making New Jersey a more “dignified and emphatic state.”
“Allowing terminally ill and dying residents the dignity to make end-of-life decisions according to their own consciences is the right thing to do. I look forward to signing this legislation into law,” said the Governor on Monday.
The Democratic Party,  on whose ticket Barrack Obama sailed to power, has approved of the bill terming it a major milestone and the most consequential bill that they will not hesitate to work on.

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