NYS scandal suspect battling charges of loss of millions Lillian Omollo retreats to farming

Former Youth and Gender PS Lillian Omollo has opted for a low-key life even as she puts up a fight to prove her innocence from graft allegations leveled against her.

A photo recently shared on social media shows a seemingly relaxed Omollo smiling at her farm while harvesting watermelons.


Former Youth and Gender PS Lilian Mbogo Omollo

Other pictures show her greenhouse budding with different kinds of fruits and vegetables most of which – sources say – are for the export market.


This even as Omollo battles several counts of charges related to loss of millions of shillings at the National Youth Service (NYS).

To strengthen this case, the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) also accused her of making cash deposits worth millions of shillings in bank accounts belonging to her children in months when the theft of funds was reported at the NYS.

In her defence, Omollo has told the court most proceeds from the money was from sales of farm produce.


She claims to have greenhouses where she grows tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons among other crops.

During interrogation, Omollo however failed to produce any receipts to show the sales but stated individuals bought her produce.

Asked why the family would sell products in Siaya and then carry the money all the way to Nairobi as opposed to depositing them in the county, she said they would keep it in a safe in Nairobi before making the deposits.


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