People don’t know how many times I have tried to have a baby: Gospel artiste Evelyn Wanjiru

Gospel singer Evelyn Wanjiru has opened up about her struggles to get a baby in a society that is impatient and unaware of fertility issues that women go through.

Speaking to Radio Jambo, Evelyn who has been married for seven years says she has been trying to have a child but suspects hormonal imbalance in her body has been affecting her chance to conceive.

She explained how she has to contend with fans questioning why she has not gotten a baby and some making unkind comments.

One fan for example questioned why she had been travelling everywhere instead of locking herself in a room and asking God for a child hurt her deeply.

“I have friends who have been pressuring me and one of my friends told me someone said that I travel a lot why can’t I lock myself in the closet and ask God why he hasn’t given me a child? It hit me so badly.

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Singer Evelyn Wanjiru and husband Agundabweni Akweyu: PHOTO CREDIT EVELYN WANJIRU INSTAGRAM

She says her husband has been her support and at no one time does he pressure her to have kids.

“People don’t know my struggle. People don’t know how many times I have tried to have a baby. It hurt me. But my husband told me, ‘Why should other people stress you and I haven’t stressed you? Let’s wait upon God as He is the one that gives children.’ We are waiting on God’s time, I know it has been 7 years but we know God will do something,” she said.

Evelyn told Radio Jambo she is on medication to balance her hormones whose imbalance may be the reason for the delay. She also said she is waiting for God’s time.

“We are in the process, we are under medication especially me. It’s due to hormonal imbalances which is very common, I think it’s because of the diet we are consuming especially in this era that we are in,”

“Don’t give up hope and consult a doctor to find out what the problem is and also pray hard. What has kept me going is that God fulfills his promises, when he promises he will fulfill. I believe my day will come.”

When gospel singer Kambua shared a photo revealing her growing baby bump, Evelyn shared the photo too on her Instagram page captioning it:

MUNGU ametimiza ahadi… 🎶📣🎶🎤
His promises are ye and Amen…Congratulations darling this God….never fails..@kambuamuziki 💕💕💃💃 Thank you Lord …🙏🙏Thank you Thank you

Most of the comments that followed were her fans telling her she was the next to get pregnant.

Kambua has equally waited for a long time to conceive and has as well received her fair share of unkind comments of people on social media .

One time she wrote:

“Today I saw a comment and deleted it because this guy commented on my Instagram and he says ‘When are you going to get pregnant, you’re getting old. I remember thinking, the reason why it angers me is because people don’t even know what your journey is like. They don’t know what you’re struggling with.

“They don’t know if you even what to have children. They don’t know if you can have children and there are so many people especially today who are struggling with infertility. It so unfortunate that we become such a culture of being so intrusive and putting people down,” said the Nishikilie singer.

Evelyn is married to 38 years old music producer Agundabweni Akweyu. They met in Nakuru where Evelyn was a worship leader and Akweyu a congregant. Speaking to Ebru TV recently, Evelyn thought Akweyu was the most handsome man she had ever seen and waited for him to make a move. He finally did and they soon established a producing house called Bwenieve.

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Singer Evelyn Wanjiru and husband Agundabweni Akweyu: PHOTO CREDIT EVELYN WANJIRU INSTAGRAM

Evelyn, 30,  is a renowned musician in Kenya, Africa and abroad and has been travelling to South Africa and United States to perform.

She is also a worship leader, a music director, songwriter and the co-founder of Bwenieve production. She has sang Tulia, Waweza, Hossana, Mungu Mkuu among others.

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