Red flags in weddings that show marriage wont last : Photographers speak


Wedding photographers say it is easy to tell a couple that is not in love in a wedding and whose marriage won’t last even if the couple is laughing and jolly on their wedding.
The photographers say the way the two handle little things or big things that the wedding bring can reveal if they can handle marriage life.
One photographer interviewed by The Mirror said flirty behaviour by either of the party is a sign of a divorce coming soon after the wedding. This photographer says the groom kept winking at the photographer and the assistant.

“He was not winking in the sense that he might have been tearing up or had something in his eye but there was a part in the ceremony where the couple sat down and he would lean his head back in his chair look past his soon to be wife and wink at me or look over his left shoulder and wink at my assistant. It was bizarre.”

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An ex wedding photographer said another red flag is when typically  the bride or groom are quiet and not talking to each other, just sit and watch the ceremony unfold.

“One instance was a groom who barely said ten words to anyone during the ceremony or reception afterwards. The bride and her mother were extremely loud and excited the entire time. The bride needed everything to be “perfect”. I dropped off the photo bundle with them two weeks later and he was still quiet. She, however, complained about all of the pictures because the groom wasn’t “smiling enough”.

The lady wanted a discount because the photographer could not make the groom smile.

“They got divorced about a year later. I know because I did his engagement photos with his new fiancée about four years after his first wedding. His engagement photos showed him much happier.”

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