See Ciku Muiruri of Busted! lovely message to daughter as she returns from studies abroad

BY Ciku Muiruri,

My daughter returns home today from her studies abroad, ready to face the next phase of her life. I remember when I first held her, it was a Tuesday at 7:30 am and I could finally smile. I haven’t stopped smiling since. 😊 Through first steps, first words, endless questions and debates, musings, hugs, tears, laughter, the occasional fights, the philosophical banter, the insecurities, the hurts, the joys, the lows, the mediums, the highs. There have been medals, titles and awesome achievements. There have also been obstacles, struggles and pain. We have treaded water and swam together, always there if the other was drowning. She is my life guard, my ally, my friend and I’m so very, very proud of her 🙌🏾 As we were navigating the ocean, we are thankful that God kept an eye on the weather. During the storms He would say “Be still and know that I am God.”
Welcome home my love! Enjoy the shore

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