Sh2 million cash on transit goes missing in Nairobi

Police and staff of a private security company are under investigation after Sh2 million they were escorting went missing at the weekend.

The money had been collected from Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi and was headed for a strong room in Industrial Area when some of it was found missing.

The team had collected Sh7.6 million but only Sh5.6 million was found in the sealed bag at the strong room.According to police, the transit team delivered the bag with the money to the strong room on June 13 at about 9am.

The following day, staff at the company broke the security seals to count it when they discovered the money was missing.Nairobi Police boss Philip Ndolo said a team of detectives is handling the case.

The team is seeking to interrogate all staff who were involved in the movement of the money.

They will also visit the hospital for more information.Cases of stealing of cash on transit have gone down in the past months due to various measures put by the companies involved in the business.

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