The No Bulls**t Guide To Your First Few Months As A Single Mum

I remember the moment I knew it was over.
My ex and I were walking home from lunch with friends and the fight he’d been trying to pick with me all weekend had come to a head halfway down Kennington Road. This time, something in his voice was different.
I stopped the buggy as a panic attack strangled the breath from my lungs. It was The End.
My story is not original.
The first year with a new baby is hard and I had struggled with the fact that this beautiful life I had kept safe in my belly for nine months was now out in the world.
The same world as evil men and guns and SIDS, and the only person I could truly trust to protect my son was me.
Meanwhile, my ex was trying to get promoted while stalling in the transition from lad to dad.
Leaving behind the perceived “freedom” of your old life when you become a parent can be difficult for some, and we took our individual struggles out on each other. We stopped having sex.
We didn’t recognise the person we loved in the hollowed-out zombie we kept waking up next to. And though I believed that we could work through all these things and become the epic power couple we were always meant to be, he did not.
There’s more to it than that, but it’s all just detail and semantics. He left me and our baby and I was suddenly faced with a terrifying future.
To anyone who is in this situation now, know this: no matter how lonely you feel, you are not alone. There is support out there that will help you navigate this horror movie you’ve been cast in. All you need are tools.
Consider me your Lisbeth Salander, providing the life hacks you need to navigate this Brexit-level shitstorm.
The women and services in this list have become powerful weapons in my journey from broken to boss. So, ladies, this is my gift to you.
Everything you need to become the tough, informed, thriving, independent mama you were destined to become. Welcome to the tribe.

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