Tina Kaggia ex-husband,JB Masanduku pays dowry for new girl

Comedian JB Masanduku is expected to complete paying the dowry for his fiancée Jackie Karanja in August this year.

“I have already done the first part of the dowry payment to her parents, in Kikuyu called ‘Kuhada Ithigi’, which happened on January 5th this year at Jackie’s home in Wangige,” JB told Word Is.



JB Masanduku, fiancee and her child

The ceremony was so that he could meet the parents and book a day to officially present the dowry, which has been confirmed to be in August.

The two met a year ago at Mist Club in town, where Jackie was hosting Karaoke. “It was love at first sight because when I looked at her, I knew she was the one and definitely she is a nice lady,” JB said.

The comedian refuted claims his fiancée is expectant, as reported last week.”I don’t know where they got the information from because she’s not pregnant,” he said, adding, “Though we are working on it.”

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JB Masanduku, fiancee and her child

Source: The star.co.ke

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