To carry riders with pet dogs on not? Uber drivers share


Uber drivers have shared their preferences on whether on not they would allow passengers with pets to ride with them.

It all started when one Taxify now Bolt driver shared with his colleagues in a Facebook Forum UBER, TAXIFY AND LITTLE CABS PARTNERS AND DRIVERS KENYA on how a rider had come with a dog and he had to cancel the trip

Marcus Okwonko Major wrote: “Rider amerequest Taxfy go, kufika ako na dogy anaenda kile.teketeke nikafungulia dogy boot.akakataa Eti yeye hubebewa hivyo Kama mtu.i cancelled pap.i told her this is a p.s.v, hata G4s hawabebangi dogy kwa unaweza beba dogy wewe,” 

dog inside vehicle

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This sparked a conversation where some said they were graceful enough to carry the dog but that caused problems to the next rider who was allergic to dogs.

Nishai beba mtu akona doggi. Alikua ameishika kwa lap the whole way. Kadogi kapoa hakaangushi manyoya, well trained.
The next rider alikua allergic to dogs. Ride ilikua mbaya kwake sana. Nikapata email ya usafi na rating ikashuka… At times maybe you don’t mind carrying a dog Lakini findu fipasukanga,” wrote George Maina

Some of his colleagues were of the opinion that they would allow in a pet dog since most are well groomed.

Baba Baraka  commented: ” But what’s wrong with the dog staying on the seats? You ought to know these are not your ordinary mutinas (Sic)…. The dogs are well vaccinnated, well groomed and some have gone through obedience classes… I personally go out with my dogs at the back seat… ”

David Nduati said: “My friend as long as it is well kept it’s ok, most of them are well kept.”

Elijah Flexx said: Dogs are better than some slayqueens. I love dogs..

Musau Mw Jo wrote : Duuuuuude! You’re petty!

Maina British: Some dogs are smart that you’ll even admire it being yours.

Those who despise carrying dogs said some of them shed fur which later becomes hard to clean.

Vincent De Paul wrote: Nilibeba one time nikiwa mgeni kwa hii job,kaliacha manyoya kwa kiti ugedhani kalinyolewa

Martin Reuben wrote :Good…ata mmi siwez beba umbwa..

Raphael Maina : Gari niya kubeba dogs ama watu… Watu wakuwe serious.

According to Uber pet policy unless the rider has a service animal, it is the driver who decides whether or not to allow the passenger with the pet to their vehicle.

“We advise passengers to call their drivers after their ride request is accepted to confirm that it’s OK to bring their pets,” States Uber in its policy.

According to Taxify, now Bolt approved assistance animals are allowed on all rides with Bolt as required by law.

“However, permission is still required by the driver. Passengers can travel with approved animal valid in NSW on all Bolt rides,” they state.





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