TRAGIC: 16 year old girl commits suicide after being dumped by boyfriend


The body of a sixteen year old girl was found dangling in her mothers house after an alleged fight with her boyfriend.

The girl identified as Violet Adhiambo, had threatened to commit suicide after she received a message from her boyfriend terminating their relationship.

The girl was a student at Nyangubo Girls Secondary and hailed from Oruba village in Suna West Sub-County, Migori County.

According to, Area assistant chief Charles Ouma confirmed that the girl received a message from her boyfriend that could have led to her demise.

Her mother also said Ms Adhiambo has not gone to school in first term because she had been ill.  also recount that it neigbours who saw the door to the family house having been locked for a long time and a phone ringing inside the house. They peeped through the bedroom window and saw the body hanging from the rafter.

On Tuesday evening, neighbours said they noticed the door to the family home was locked for long and her phone was ringing inside the house.When they peeped through the bedroom window they saw the body dangling from a rafter.

“She was in good mood when I left for work, I never knew she had any problem,”  said her mother

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