TRAGIC: Man runs over his two-year-old daughter as he reverses car

A two-year-old girl died in Ndabibi, Naivasha, after her father ran over her while reversing a car.

The girl who died on the spot had run behind the car without her father’s knowledge.

The distraught father was left in tears as officers from the nearby Kongoni police station were called over to carry the child’s body.

Emotions ran high among family members and neighbours as they tried to come to terms with the bizarre incident.

According to neighbour Jane Njeri, the man was leaving the house for the nearby trading centre when the accident happened.


“It’s one of the saddest incidents in this area as the infant followed the father to the car who unknowingly killed her in the process,” she said.

Naivasha OCPD Samuel Waweru confirmed the incident. He said the body had been taken to Naivasha subcounty hospital mortuary.

“According to initial investigations, the man accidentally ran over the minor killing her on the spot and we have opened an inquest file following the incident,” he said.

Source:The Star

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