US buys less coffee from Kenya

The US has fallen back to position three in purchasing of Kenya’s specialty coffee after peaking in the 2017/2018 season.

Latest data from Coffee Directorate indicate America trailed Germany and Belgium in purchases after leading in the last season in both quantities and price offered.

According to the directorate, the US bought 6.6 million kilogrammes of the beverage worth Sh3 billion, a decline from Sh7 billion realised in 2017/2018.

Interim head Isabella Ngoge says this could be attributed to competition from other growing countries as well as low global prices.

“We witnessed a scenario last year where both the volumes and value of the coffee sold to the US went down and this is mainly because of competition from other countries that are producing specialty coffee,” said Ms Ngoge.

Belgium reclaimed its top position in the review period purchasing coffee worth Sh4.1 billion, followed by Germany at Sh3.8 billion.

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