US embassy in drive against visa fraudsters

The US embassy yesterday launched a campaign at Kenyatta University dubbed Usichezwe (do not be fooled) to sensitise Kenyans against falling prey to visa fraudsters.

US ambassador Kyle McCarter warned that giving false information — usually by embellishing one’s background and providing fake documents — is an offence that risks arrest, prosecution and deportation.

“It’s only fitting that we make efforts to protect the document that connects the US and Kenya through travel, which is the visa. This is about following the law, not giving people the opportunity to circumvent the law,” Mr McCarter said.

He said that the campaign was launched in Kenya because of the rising number of complaints by people conned of money while seeking the travel document.

“Applying for the US visa is a simple and straightforward process. You do not need to pay someone to get one and you should never lie on your visa application,” he added.

According to the embassy, 3,300 Kenyans are undertaking various courses in the US, placing the country second in Africa.

Daily Nation, MARY WAMBUI

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