Vanessa Mdee opens about her recent break-up:I’ve sat in darkness curtains shut

Singer Vanessa Mdee has revealed she went through a rough patch in the recent weeks after breaking up with her long term boyfriend, Juma Jux.

Mdee took to social media to confess that she has been hiding a lot about the breakup.

At first, Mdee avoided talking about the break-up but after her sister, Mimi Mars revealed that she was no longer dating Jux, she has finally addressed the issue.


“Every day I tell you about how strong I am. Today I’ll tell you about how defeated I feel. I’ve cried for hours, I’ve had nothing to eat (and I love food and there’s plenty available in my house). I’ve cancelled every meeting. I’ve sat in darkness curtains shut… I still feel alone and like sh*t. This is not a cry for attention, this is for you to understand. We all go through it. No shame.”


Vanesa Mdee. Pic Courtsey

Vanessa added, “You’re allowed to feel everything and be affected by it too… give yourself an allowance. Tomorrow I am going to be back on my b*llsh*t and this will just below. Life is filled with highs and lows, sorry If I ever made you feel like I didn’t have these moments and that pressured you into believing that your life wasn’t ‘perfect’. You’re extraordinary. Discomfort is needed for growth. You are loved. Remember that. Happy weekend honey.”

This is the second time, the two have publicly broken up in their relationship.


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