VIDEO: American couple fight for custody of their adopted Kenyan baby as Kenyan authorities accuse them of being traffickers

An American couple is going through agony after police raided their home and took their adopted Kenyan child Kiano claiming they were child traffickers.

In a You Tube video dubbed  #BringKianoHome, the couple, Matt and Daisy Mazzoncini said 13 men stormed their house claiming to be police and took the three year old baby away.

According to Daisy, problems began when they decided to take baby Kiano abroad for treatment as they adopted him when he was sick. The couple who have been married for nine years say they adopted the baby after struggling with infertility . He was sickly and has been on medicine since then.



When the couple met Baby Kiano, he was  three months old, but looked like an infant as he had lung problems and an eating disorder. They applied to be his legal guardians at Nairobi Children’s Court and were granted full guardianship on April 2017.

“Kiano has epilepsy, he is currently on anti-seizure medication which is not a good long term solution for him, has a lot of side effects ,” explained Daisy.

KNHCR advised them to make an application in court to travel to have Kiano checked by a neurologist abroad.

“The Child Welfare Society of Kenya made an application to be enjoined as an interested party saying that they think that we are child traffickers, that the child is in grave danger and that he was not sick,” said Daisy.

” We have been accused of beating our son, of trying to flee the country and being challenged in court that we have falsified documents, that Kiano is not sick and the medical reports are fake and that we are unfit to be guardians, it is totally hurtful and frustrating,” explains Matt Mazzoncini.

Daisy explains how men raided their home traumatizing them and the child

“Friday evening, out of nowhere, these people around 13 came to our house, saying they were police, they had no uniform, they said I should not call anyone and snatched my phone away, then they took Kiano away,” says Daisy.

DCI soon tweeted that they had conducted an operation to rescue the child from two American citizens. The tweet was later pulled down.

Daisy believes they are being harassed  because they have refused to bribe or be exploited.

Music icon Ed Sheeran has added his voice appealing for the couple to get back their child.

Ed Sheeran shared a photo of his Music video director, Jason Koenig, which tagged BBC and State House Kenya and #BringKianohome. Jason is the director of Shape of You and Perfect

My best friend’s child was abducted in Kenya. Friends please share and retweet to help #BringKianoHome. @BBCNews will you look into this? @StateHouseKenya can you help

Kenyan activist Bonface Mwangi also in a tweet shared a video of how police raided Matt and Daisy’s home.

have a case to answer for lying to the public and framing an innocent couple. please

Activist and the admin of Buyer Beware Facebook page Jackson Njeru also put in his voice saying there was a cartel of cops, judiciary and child service that want to extort the couple.

@JacksonNjeru254 This Scams been going on. A well of foreign couple adopts a Kid, Once the Couple is emotionally attached to the Kid the Cartel abducts the kid and the Couple has to Pay Millions for the Kid to be released to them. Cartel consists of Cops, Judiciary, Child services and Home

Another user @sheekamau added her voice saying:

These people who keep saying that this couple is child trafficking : kindly check the cost of managing***epilepsy and see that if they indeed wanted to abduct a child there are so many that are less costlier to maintain. Absolutely heartbreaking to do this to a kid

According to, Matt is a former senior executive of Starbucks  and now Vice-President of a tech start-up in New York whereas his wife Daisy is a missionary volunteer who has been in Kenya for three years.

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