Watch how this bold thief steals from a city office

Kenyans online have been vexed by the boldness of a thief in Nairobi who confidently enters a building and casually steals a laptop.
In a video that is going round on social media, the well-built bespectacled man in a checked shirt and grey trousers is seen walking into a gate of what is believed to be West Point Building in Mpaka Road, Parklands.
He gets in through the parking, no security person stops him. To calm himself, he once in a while takes his spectacles off, wipes his face and puts them back on.
From the parking lot, he walks into the lift and it takes him to where people online have identified as Institute of Software Technologies at West Point Building. The time on the camera is around 13.19hrs. The office is deserted and it looks like the staff are out on lunch break.
He gets into this office, with red décor and makes a sweeping look at it and then takes a customers seat in a desk. There is no one to serve him on that desk. He then shifts to another desk and again sits on the seat a customer seats when being served. Few seconds into sitting in, he fishes out a big envelope he has folded from his back pocket, picks a laptop from on top of the desk he is seated on and slides it into the envelope.
He stands up, holds it between his hand and ribs and hastily walks out the office into the lift and out of the building. Again, no one stops him.
“I like this guy and more the speed he used to leave that premises,” comments one Saidi 001 on Twitter where the video is making rounds.
Another user wonders if this thief had studied the premised before:
“He came specifically for the laptop. How did he know it was there? My thinking is that he knows the person who uses it and how it is kept,” wonders Tolometi Makhanu.
“He actually looked like a staff there, he knows every corner and that confidence yoh!” says Stellah Napunyu.
Lucy Chepchumba says: “OMG he was stealing from my friend! She just stepped out of her desk over lunch.”
Another user shares how he had a close shave with a thief in KCB bank.
“Recently at a KCB bank, I placed my wallet on top of the service desk to remove my cards and within a span of two minutes it had been taken ! Reacted so fast and saw a fellow next to me holding it under a table. Ngumi moja na securt came (sic),” comments Buru Gwen.
Twitter user IkeOjuok says: “If finally arrested by the @DCI_Kenya this man should NOT be granted bail until the matter is heard and concluded…..Such a bold thief.”

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