Watch TV reporter smack man who walks into his live set

A frustrated Kenyan TV journalist was recently forced to slap a person who intruded on his work while he was on a field assignment.

As per the video which was widely shared on social media, Charles Gikunga of Inooro TV is seen going about his business while doing a piece-to-camera (PTC) with curious onlookers in the background.

He then suddenly notices a by-passer approaching and finding his way between the image and the camera person.

In a sudden fit of rage, the journalist unsuccessfully directs a slap in the direction of the intruder much to the amusement of a boy in the background.

The journalist then continues with his PTC but suddenly stops in a state of resignation.

This development comes months after Citizen TV journalist Hassan Mugambi was filmed slapping his colleagues in public, whom he deemed to have been obstructing the camera’s view.


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