Why I stabbed the mother to my child


Nicholas Koech, the man who allegedly killed his kid’s mother, the Pwani University student, has confessed that he was annoyed that she sent back Sh3200 that he had given her for child upkeep.

Mr Koech further said he has planned to “kill lover and commit suicide”

He said he stabbed the mother of his child, Naomi Chepkemboi three times “out of love” and also accused the lady’s father of breaking their relationship. Ms Chepkemboi is currently recuperating at Kilifi County Referral Hospital.

“I asked her to allow me support my child if she felt that she doesn’t need me. But all was in vain,” he claimed.

However, Ms Chepkemboi said Koech had been stalking her even after they broke up last year.

The third year Public Health university student said they parted ways because Mr Koech could not take care of her and the child.

 “I believe that could be the reason why he travelled all the way from Nairobi just to come and stab me. What I need now is justice,” she said.

According to People Daily, Mr. Koech accused his father in law, of denying him a chance to see and take care of his two year old daughter.

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