Why US Embassy still not accepting new banknotes

Kenyans applying for a visa to the United States and planning to make any consulate payment will still use the old currency, the embassy has said. In a tweet, the US Embassy in Nairobi said it is currently working on procedures to accept the new Kenyan shillings.

“Until these procedures are in place, consular applicants will only be able to pay for services using the previous Kenyan shillings. You may also continue to pay by credit card,” reads the Embassy tweet.

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) has issued a gazette notice on new bank notes and plans to withdraw all old currency from circulation by October 1 this year.

All the bank notes bear the image of the Kenyatta International Convention Center. They also embody each of the big five animals (Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, and Leopard).

CBK Governor Dr. Patrick Njoroge said the new currencies have designs that meet the CBK requirements, serve the public aspirations and capture the spirit of the constitution.

The 50 shillings note bears images that symbolise green energy at the back while that one of Sh100 bears agriculture-related images.

The Sh200 notes bear images of social services, the Sh500 tourism images, and the highest value Sh1000 note displays governance images.The notes have features that make them accessible to visually impaired people.

According to the governor, the new notes would help check the increasing cases of counterfeits in the country.

“More recently we have seen the emergence of some counterfeits. These are grave concerns that would jeopardise proper transactions and the conduct of commerce in our currency.” Njoroge said.

Source:The Standard.

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